AsSalam Alykum,

A sudden wake-up call is any event that wakes you up !..very simple, right?. Well, they say it might be an accident, disaster or a real big hardship. But not everyone passing through a big hardship have a real wake up call, right?. I always remember people’s comment on others who passed by something big: “I thought this would change him, but it didn’t”. So yes not every big hardship would change people. So Let’s reformat the wake-up call theory again.

A wake-up call is a perspective shift. It happens when you are pushed out of your comfort zone and reminds you that life is fragile and temporary. It shakes your thoughts and how you see the world. It sharpens the focus on the lens through which we view life.

When does it happen?

When you decide. We go out of our comfort zone daily, some people decide they would stick to where they are, and run back to their comfort zone without changing. While some others decide to have this moment as the wake-up call. Mostly, to be honest. How you have your very first wake-up call is a gift from Allah. Yet, Allah is sending you messages daily. So a simple post like this would be your wake-up call, just if you decided so.

In the moment you start to have this perspective shift, you realize that everything got a meaning. You decide to have this lens, that doesn’t just communicate with anything as a “normal thing”. A wake-up call is always a start point for your success.

The modern world intellect, raise people into being copies. You are just a copy of everything around you. You love what they tell you to love, You need what they need you to need. You define your happiness, principles, concepts and everything based on the environment you were raised on. While it should be just based on what makes you!

Every teenager main crisis in the beginning is “how to be cool”, “how to be accepted” and all of those questions that make you just do what people will appreciate. You will listen to music you never liked, watch movies you never valued, and waste your time just like everyone do, just to fit into the global plan.

But after this wake-up call, you realize that “no”, I am someone, but not just “someone”..I am Me, and I am here for a reason. Everything around is here for a reason. And the way I live can’t be that random or just like everyone else.

If you are Muslim, you are lucky. Islam is already based on this. Allah – the most wise- didn’t create you by mistake, or in a package creation. Allah knows you, created you, watching you, guiding you..and later on when you die. You will be responsible about each single moment you lived. So are you sure about living it that random?

The wake-up call will always call you for change. Changing is not easy, it always shakes your stability and gets you out of your comfort zone. You don’t know how you will be accepted or be cool, not just to people, but to yourself as well. You will need to live a different life, than that everyone lives. but you know what’s good about this?. you will experience a better thing.

Emerson used to say:

“For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

So at that moment this blog will ask you to miss some stuff on purpose, it will give a chance to gain other stuff. Those stuff are not rare and are not that hard. Actually you will have them around you all time, you will just learn to see them with your new lenses.

You will realize this, when you start to have these post-changing thoughts like : “I wish I started earlier”, “I wish I never wasted my life time earlier on those fake stuff..”, ” I wish I had the chance to appreciate what I used to have..”. Most Wake-up calls cause you to re-evaluate your life, what is truly important, what is trivial, and what you have been overlooking and taking for granted.

Remember, a Wake-up call is a choice. You don’t have to wait a big hardship that would break your heart and may have an enormous effect on your life to decide to wake up. Also, many people think that a wake-up call has to be big, and once. Wake-Calls can be small or big. They may happen at any moment, and when you experience couple of them. You start to seek them and search for them. As whenever you have a one, you learn the existence of new lenses. So with time, you realize that there is always something bigger, better and higher till the day you die. Everything may return to how it was after a wake-up call, if you didn’t really decide to always search for a newer better perspective or at least to stand firm on the latest one.

“من الصفوة أقوام مذ تيقظوا ما ناموا ، ومذ سلكوا ما وقفوا ،فهمهم صعود وترق ،كلما عبروا مقاما إلى مقام رأوا نقص ما كانوا فيه .. فاستغفروا”
― ابن قيم الجوزية


6 thoughts on “The Wake-Up Call

  1. ” Most Wake-up calls cause you to re-evaluate your life, what is truly important, what is trivial”
    well said Nuha, great post (Y)
    ما شاء الله عليكِ

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