AsSalam Alykum,

All over the Internet, you would find many things about travelling memories. This one from Japan, this one from Paris, and from everywhere around the world. People share their excitement. Travelling is fun. It’s one of the best life experiences you may have. It takes you out of your comfort zone in a very beautiful way. It makes you change your life upside down suddenly.

Though, It’s rare to find anyone speaking about the most life-changing trip ever, Haj and Umrah. Although number of people who goes there is counted by millions. Yet, out of those millions only few share their stories. Many people don’t prefer sharing such experience because of the fear of showing off. Although, speaking about my trip to Paris might be showing-off as well. But as people consider this as a religious trip, they just feel afraid to lose its reward. Personally, for years I was afraid from this as well, I used not to tell anyone about those lovely trips I had. Yet, the more I see people sharing their excitement to other trips, the more I feel jealous of how people don’t know about how awesome this trip is.

I started to set goals and reasons behind why I would share my memories and reflections about my personal Haj and Umrah Trips. Before I start sharing this awesome Umrah reflections series, I want to make sure you know something. I traveled a lot, It’s not like Saudi Arabia was the only place I saw. I traveled to France, Austria, Turkey and  Lebanon before. So I know how travelling is, and yeah I believe Haj and Umrah were more fascinating than walking in Avenue des Champs Elysées in Pairs.

I would love to also state my vision through the up-coming posts. I will not take you in step by step story into each trip. I will share random points, reflections and habits from Umrah and Haj. I won’t speak about Haj much, Although it is really the best thing I have ever had in my life. This will be because I only went to Haj once. I had the shock, I changed. But I am not sure I did it by the best way as it was my first time.  So I will just share one post about the most remarkable thing. While Umrah, I will share a lot about it. Thankfully, I could go more than once. I started to learn how to plan to my Umrah and how to invest more in myself through this trip. I never leave a chance to go to Umrah. You will know why in the up coming posts.

What would I want you to reach by the end of this series:

1. One must seek Umrah and Haj.

Many people wait till they grow up old, and then go to Umrah or Haj. As  a religious trip. Others just wait others to decide for them this trip. By the end of this series, I expect that you will value Umrah by a way that would make you save money and work on going to  at least Umrah as soon as possible. You would never miss a chance to go to Haj or Ummrah.

2. Think out of the box.

Haj and Umrah is treated as a Spiritual experience by many people. So people go there, get high…then phewww return to how they were when they come back. As they were just out of the world. As soon as they are back, they just are as ugly as they were before in few days. My personal belief says that Islam is not a Spiritual religion. Spirituality might be part of it, but it is not the whole story. So you will need to plan how you will live in Umrah and Haj by a way that would change you permantatly and to spend it by the way you plan, not by the way current Muslims see it.

3. Excitement.

I will just tell you how to make your very few days to Makkah and Al-Madinah be your best memories ever. Every minute there will be worth it. You might learn “Appreciation” as well. How to appreciate every small act and every small thing around. Although I would be wearing this lens for Umrah, but once you learn this, you can apply it everywhere.


I am sorry, but if you went to Umrah before, you will regret a lot after reading those posts. As you will feel that you missed a lot. Unless your trip was effective, and in this case you will need to share yours as well.

5. Breaking the ice.

This point is for you, if you never tried Umrah before. Before going to Umrah, I thought umrah itself takes days..yet it turned out it is from 2 hour to 3 hours max. On my first Umrah, I was surprised by how different is this from how I ever imagined before. So it will be great to explore this differently than from those booklets that will just tell you how to do Umrah.

This series won’t provide:

1. Umrah and Haj’s Religious guide.

I won’t tell you how to do Umrah or Haj, I am not a Sheikh. You still need this. It is the most important thing in planing for such a trip.

2. The details.

Actually I won’t speak about Tawaf or Sa’y or anything that is part of Umrah or anything that is part of Haj. You may find millions, if not billions of articles about this. I will just tell you about the personal, sociological, cultural ..travelling experience that you would feel and experience in Makkah and Al-Madinah.

3. Any kind of details.

Again, remember this is not a guide to Umrah and Haj. It’s more about Makkah and Al-Madinah with the lens of Umrah.

Let the trip begins? …


5 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Trip

    1. و عليكم السلام و جزاك الله خيرا

      Well, it might be an extravagance from me, as I got an allergy from how people take off everything from religion in sake of spirituality. The idea for me that Islam is full package religion, which has spirituality inside. but it also is kind of science and knowledge and practise and struggle and a full life manual !.

      So what I mean is that for example don’t pray to feel “high” ..or feel out of this world and to treat praying in Islam as kind of mediation. It got somehow a mediation for sure. But this is not the goal behind praying. Praying is a daily 5 times push to change you, It puts you out of your comfort zone, to change. somehow in that way Ahmed khairy alamary described in his book “Chemiaa Al-Salah”. It’s a full system.

      So same to Umrah, you are not there to just do the Umrah and read Quran without struggling..and then just feel ” finally I went out of the world and relaxed. and how awesome you are”.. Umrah should be a full program for changing. For sure, it will help you to mediate as you leave how materialized the whole world is now for few days. But this can’t be the main goal behind it.

      I could clarify my point?


    2. See this Hadith :

      أنَّهُ قام ليلةً بمكةَ من الليلِ فقال : اللهمَّ هل بلَّغتُ ؟ ( ثلاثَ مراتٍ ) فقام عمرُ بنُ الخطابِ و كان أوَّاهًا فقال : اللهمَّ نعم ، و حرَّضتُ ، و جهدتُ ، و نصحتُ فقال : ليَظهرَنَّ الإيمانُ حتى يُرَدَّ الكفرُ إلى مواطنِه ، ولتُخاضنَّ البحارُ بالإسلامِ ، و ليأتيَنَّ على الناسِ زمانٌ يتعلمون فيه القرآنَ ، يتعلَّمونَه و يقرؤونَه ، ثم يقولون : قد قرأنا و عَلِمنا ، فمن ذا الذي هو خيرٌ منا ؟ فهل في أولئِك من خيرٍ ؟ قالوا : يا رسولَ اللهِ من أولئِك ؟ قال : أولئِك منكم ، و أولئك هم وَقودُ النارِ

      الراوي: لبابة بنت الحارث أم الفضل المحدث: الألباني – المصدر: صحيح الترغيب – الصفحة أو الرقم: 137
      خلاصة حكم المحدث: حسن لغيره

      I believe those people thought Islam is about spirituality in essence of “how good do they feel about themselves” ..or to read, learn..etc. Without Action as well.


      1. Ok , I understood your point about how some people see Islam as a religion of “zuhd” only, such perception is expressed in the “sufiya” ways, which is mainly about meditation. As you described it, Islam is a package, a full life-system and I think that Spirituality is not just a part of it, i see it more like a function that exists during all our practices, that is always a part of our struggle to reach الصراط المستقيم. Talking about struggle even the biggest Jihad was described to be the jihad of our own nafs, and this is mainly a spiritual matter.

        So I believe you meant a certain definition of “spirituality”, which means only meditating and relaxing without thinking and taking into consideration the mission that Allah has created us for and the reasons of our existance.

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