AsSalam Alykum,

This is my favorite thing about Umrah and Haj.

By a way or another, as someone who was raised in Egypt only. Muslims’ pattern was always just Egyptian. Sometimes little more extended to surrounding popular Arabs through Media. Especially that internet at 2008 wasn’t really as easy and comprehensive as now.

One of my favorite scenes over there, is the diversity of people. It’s just Art. It always took my heart and my thoughts as well. This feeling of that, everywhere is home. I got a bondage with strangers from all over the world. I got a bondage with someone in Africa, USA, Europe, Asia, and hidden places I might have never known. This feeling of that I don’t have to be limited to just one place or one people.

That experience of heart-to-heart communication. As the majority weren’t Arabs, I communicate with Muslims over there, without having a common Language. So how do we communicate? …I don’t know, it just happens.

In my first Umrah, this thing didn’t appear that much. Although I find it hard to acquire and learn any linguistic knowledge since young age, by the end of this Umrah, I decided I want to learn Turkish.

I noticed how powerful is the gathering is in Al-madinah and Mecca.  So in all my other trips, I always planned on how I will get to know as much people as I can. When you go to there in shaa Allah, never stick to your people. I know it might be something strange to many people to speak to strangers, but this is one of the best experiences you will have in your life. As I love kids, I used to prepare Origami and play with kids over there. I played with Turkish, Pakistani, British and many other weird Nationalities. What’s awesome about kids, that you don’t have to speak to their language at all, their heart is alive enough to just enjoy their time with you without having any common language.

As I started learning Turkish after my first Umrah a little. I could play around with grown Turks as well in the next Umrah lol. Also, Pakistani People, I had a lot of fun with them last time, although I don’t know any Urdu. Through out all my trips, I knew friends from Turkey, Tunisia, UK, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, South Africa and Egypt. I wish my list grow up more in Future to extend the whole world. It feels like part of my heart is everywhere.

To be honest, I never saw people I saw there again in my life. Even those girls I could have a contact with them after returning back through mail or Facebook, we found it hard to communicate without having a high-level common language online. But I know something, as we are just One Ummah..we will all meet again in the ever after life, in Shaa Allah :)) !

And at least, I got awesome memories. For Example:


This was a note from 4 Turkish girls, the youngest is Betul ( 8 years old ) while Esra was 24. It always makes my day to just remember the whole story behind this note. So in next Umrah, seek such relationship, this relationship with strangers that is just built on love and Ummah bondage.Who knows, may be you will be friends in Heaven.

When you learn to communicate with everyone there, you feel home there more, and you feel you are in such a big family. It helps you know how is Islam everywhere else, how are people’s habits and intellect. It creates an awesome Sense of Ummah.  It is just the best experience ever. Try it out in your next Umrah.


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