I took this photo in 2012. The little boy is Abdullah and the girl is his sister. I couldn’t know her name by then. I was enjoying my reflection time after Zuhr in Mecca. In that moment I saw them, I just couldn’t focus anymore. So i made 2 boats out of papers for them. In that moment, Abdullah took the boat. He considered it a car or a plane. His sister surprised me, she considered the boat as a crown. She put it on. I just couldn’t stop laughing on how girls and boys mentality is different.

You know, I learned to see the “human” in the one in front me from there. If i asked you to introduce yourself, what would you say ?.”I am an Engineer..blah blah..I work at ..”. Is your work is what defines you? If for any chance you lost this work, you are not you ?

Who are you ?. A Question that sounds easy, but only few people know how to answer this question.

in Umrah, you see who are you and who are they. Abdullah was just himself, he is a little kid who loves to play. So even if he is not in a playing garden, you will just do what he is doing in the picture to play.

you are without your family, work, schedule, are without everything that might define you. You are just you. Yet, you feel full of Life there. Everyone is full of life there.

You start to realize the difference between the mean and the end. All ends you seek in life, turned out to be just means to your real end. but What’s your end?

You have time to reflect, think and be happy with every moment you have over there. It is recommended to not go online in your umrah, as any type of time wasters will take this benefit from you. Time wasters educate us to love wasting time, passing time, while over there you learn to enjoy time.

It is good to know over there, that life is not defined by the illusion that we build at our own home.


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