Assalam Alykum,

You know this story, right?. One of the most known stories through human history is Adam’s Apple. You would find something about it in all religious scripts. When I searched for a photo to use it here, I found a lot of ugly photos. Yet, enough photos to know that everyone knows the story.

Some religions blame Adam for having the apple. Yet, They keep doing what he did daily.

The start of this post, is that I was praying to Allah for a specific thing. Usually, when my mind gets occupied by such wishes, I have wudu and I pray istikhara. I prayed istikhara couple of times about this thing..when I was 19..20 too. I prayed it a lot about the same specific thing. then when I was started to happen alhamdu LAllah..yet before 22 I lost it and It turned out it will never happen. Yet, as soon as time passed, I started wishing this again. But this time, reality says it will never happen!. So my mind was occupied sometimes by how it would happen again.

Anyways, This morning..I decided to do what I always used to do..Pray Istikhara. I prayed before fajr and after Zuhur..
and Here the thoughts came.

What always made me stick to istikhara is that whenever I pray it..the things go away from my brain easier and I feel that Allah would handle it for me anyways. So I believe those thoughts I got are kind of precious to the topic I prayed istikhara for.

The idea of wishing a specific thing, and feeling that this thing is what I do really need, is exactly the same as the idea of Adam’s Apple!.

He had the heavens, but one apple sounded better than all. In some religions, they say that humanity missed heavens because of this apple ( even though I don’t agree). But this is what we do in our life sometimes.

You just have a great awesome life. But you keep being desperate about a little small thing, that is not even yours. You are distracted from everything in heaven, for a small apple that shouldn’t be yours.

Why it shouldn’t be yours? Well, many reasons Sir  in the Unseen, but at least ..let us say out of testing you.

So go and read Adam’s apple story again, but this time..consider two ideas ..Appreciation and Distraction.

let’s give examples on our daily life, so you can apply the story on your life.

Have you ever met someone who is desperate because someone died for the rest of his life, while he has the rest of the world?

It’s good to be loyal and to love your dead friends/relatives. But, it is not loyal at all, to not appreciate people until they die.

Have you ever met someone who wants to be a specific thing, and he keep failing in and he just lose everything because of it?

It’s good to know what you want, but you have be flexible to use your powers more smart.

Have you ever met a girl who wants to marry a specific guy, and it is not she never feels happy with whoever she is marrying?

He is not yours, girl!

You know that guy who cheated his wife, because he thought he do really need this at some point?

Oh yeah, he lost his family’s happiness later on.

You know that guy who thought about stealling..thinking he will have a better life this way?

Yeah, He lived in misery later on..even if he was very rich.

I am sure everyone of you has many examples, I can’t think about a lot at the moment.

Sometimes we just make all our happiness related to something that will actually destroy us. Sometimes, we get busy by this small specific apple, and lose many other opportunities.

Just remember, when your thoughts are being occupied by something..that this something might be the apple and you don’t want to leave the heavens for an apple. Appreciate what you have..and pray Istikhara 🙂 ..cause only Allah can see the whole view and Only Allah knows if this apple is yours or no.


5 thoughts on “The Apple of Adam

  1. Hehe yes alhamdulillaah. I didn’t understand what you wanted to say before with the apple of adam, but now i understand when i read this article. Thank you ❤
    I like the picture on the left btw. Good choice.

    Liked by 1 person

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