Did you ever see a Silk worm? ..

watch that video if you don’t know it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF5ljf3a3Oc

The silk worm starts as a little kid, as if it is playing around, producing no silk..or no good enough silk, but you can’t blame it..it is still learning how to.

Then, it grows up more, and learns how to do the silk..It starts to surround itself with that silk..all around. It’s on its way to be a butterfly ! ..yay. But..what if you were too excited to see the butterfly, so you broke the silk layer to get the butterfly out? ..yes you will kill the worm.

The worm, do really struggle a lot to be a butterfly.But, each phase it passes by is very essential for reaching the final state and if you didn’t understand, you will just break it. you will just kill it.

The little worm, that failed to get any silk out..was just like the kid. You can’t go to the kid and ask him to be serious, he is just a kid..He needs to play.

While the worm, when it was surrounding itself with silk. It was stabilizing its own personality. It might be like teenagers, or young adults..you can go and tell them : GROW UP ! ..stop being that way..stop being protective, stop worrying..bla bla..This is part of turning into a butterfly !

So, whenever you look to yourself or to anyone..remember we got phases like that silk worm. we won’t be that butterfly, unless we were patient with our phases and also understand our phases.
It’s important to understand your need at each time you are in, and same to other people. Have empathy.


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