AsSalam Alykum,

People are talkative, right?. Yet, no matter how talkative they are, they are silent most of the time. If you tried to calculate it by the materialistic way, you will prove this (Number of hours they speak divided by 24 hours). Yet, I also mean the spiritual way. People never tell everything. This is not because they are just hiding some stuff, but also because they don’t really know everything about what they know.

May be that’s why whenever I pass with a similar verse, I pause.


I always feel how awesome is that Allah knows what I conceal. Actually, wow ! ..Allah even knows that things I can’t know about myself. Only Allah can!. I know clearly that even “me” doesn’t know everything about me. So this point always make me feel the power and majesty of Allah from a side of view. From the other side of view, I know how merciful Allah is, as when someone knows your real state, He knows how to be merciful with you. Unlike those who just judge you with what you declare.

So the philosophy behind this post is that “Yes, I know you don’t know where your heart is.”. It is part of the struggle to know. Many people take what they know about themselves for granted. That’s why they let themselves down with time.

If you could hear their inner thoughts, you would hear stuff like this:
“I thought I was better person.”, “I thought I would never fall in this trap”,  “I thought I wanted this, but turned out I don’t want..” , “I thought..I thought..” and just exactly like described here:


You don’t have the full knowledge about yourself. You just have assumptions. You know this feeling you have when someone let you down?!. The majority of people let their own selves down. Yet, they will not tell you about this. You can’t know what they conceal, only Allah do. But It is a good starting point to know that only Allah have the real knowledge about everything about you, that even you don’t know.

Yet, I can ask you “Where is your Heart?”. I know you can’t control it fully, and you can’t decide what it has fully. I also feel kind of contradiction of telling you “your” heart. Is it really yours?. If you were the owner you would control it, right?. Even how the heart beats, is not into your hands. So how would you be the owner?.

I remember when I was 19, I listened to that lecture for Hamza Yusuf, and He was speaking into a certain flow, and suddenly he paused and said: “Where is your Heart?”. I remember I had a shock that day. I was like: Yes, where is my heart?!. What reminded me of that day is that I actually wrote in my DeviantArt account’s signature: “Hamza Yusuf once asked : ‘Where is your Heart ?’ ..”.  So It had a great impact.

Your heart is either in nowhere, or let’s say in the hands of what doesn’t deserve like dunya, people, things, ..When it is there, you just feel it is no where. It is not worth it anymore. Anything in this life sounds not worth it when it is in the “no where”. As even if you got those things, you will end “no where”. The one you loved, will die. The job you wanted will leave you behind one day. Even if you were the top of the top on it, when you are 90, It will leave you behind. The family you were attached too, will have another life or just die. The things you were seeking, will just be old and you yourself will forget that you ever wanted those. So you will end where?, No where!.

Unlike, if you really got it, that you are not the owner. And you leave your heart in the hands of the creator. What’s funny is that even if you choose the nowhere, still the heart goes to its owner. The heart beats every single moment, saying “God, I need you”. God is not enough word for Our creator. I prefer to say Allah!.

But as you can’t really know anything fully about your heart, at least watch it out. You can evaluate what is declared. Watch your thoughts that can be watched, watch your actions and before all, watch the inputs to your heart.

The highest probability for the answer of “where is your heart”, is that it would be where you put. That’s why you should check where to be. If you are attached by the “declare” to Allah all day, most probably you will be there. While, if you are into bad places, It is hard to believe that you are training your heart to be for Allah only.

Yet, It is not just where you are. This is just the start. Some people might be in Mecca, yet his tears, his thoughts, his prayers are for dunya. He is there, yet his heart is just not there. While someone else, might be in the middle of everything, yet It is all for Allah, and his heart and thoughts can’t just stop that attachment to Allah.

So “Where is your heart?” 🙂


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