As Salam Alykum,

Younger me, I loved to send you a letter telling you stuff I learned after leaving you. I thought life concepts will always remain the same, or at least my personal needs. It turned out that life is as we see, not as it is. I assume you are that girl at 15, who was not sure if the change she decided to go for is worth it or no. That letter is for you, to answer all your Questions ahead.

1. It’s worth it.

You were the seed for that tree, you looked at the seed and you thought it is worthless and it is too small. But believe me, without your seed, I would have never seen the tree. So no matter how you feel what you struggle is little and not worth it, believe me, it is.

2. No need to look “Cool”

I know at 15, being cool and acceptable in your society is always important. Yet, let’s clear this up. First, if you got attached to what people want you to be, you will be nothing or you will just be like everyone else. You will also lose yourself and after all, when you truly become what you really want to be, you will impress them more.

3. They will hate your difference first, then they will clap for it.

People panic whenever someone decides to do something different, as if doing something they didn’t do, would tell them they were “wrong”. Ignore that.

4. Being an Early Bird is cool.

Just sleep early, wake up is worth it.

5. Being Kind is more important than being Smart.

That’s it.

6. You won’t remember this.

A lot of stuff used to fill my head, right now I don’t even remember the topic or names or anything alike.

7. Life goes on.

I know you might find this as bad as good kind of news. But everything will go on, people will forget, you will forget and nothing is worth all the drama you might go through.

8. One more AstghfurAllah.

There is a lot mistakes, that you were going to be more happier if you didn’t fall in. 🙂

9. Happiness in Simplicity.

Okay, this point took me a lot to get it. When I was you, I thought that happiness is to be extraordinary awesome, or to achieve something wow and to really have this life that  impossible or even unrealistic to reach. But now, I know that this ordinary peaceful life, is happiness. It’s funny how many people failed to reach this simplicity.

10. You are not a tree.

Don’t let them tell you need to be where you are. You don’t.

11. We are all fragile.

So protect yourself from getting hurt, because as a girl, you are really fragile, and a little hurt might last for some time. Yet, life goes on!.

12. There is always more.

Do you think that this is all what I learned since then? No!. Just some stuff you need to learn yourself.


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