As Salam Alykum,

I have always believed that its all about Attitude. The way that some people hate their lives, and other are just in love with every detail, is just about attitude. We all got same surrounding, but how our brain processes everything, makes our lives different.

Actually sometimes, you meet people with real hardships who are happier than people with no hardships at all. So it’s all about how those people react.

In any event, you can be either, the action or reaction. In that moment you decide to always be the reaction, I guess you are having a horrible life.

Sadly, through out the last year in Uni, I was kind of strengthening the “waiting attitude” unconsciously step by step. I am waiting to graduate, to be happier. I am waiting to graduate for this thing to happen, I am waiting graduation to be more free, I wanted to travel as well by then..I am waiting exams to end, to start dieting lol, I am waiting waiting..until I am a graduate. But I can’t get rid of this waiting attitude. So you start waiting the weekend, you start waiting weird special events, you start waiting the nonsense.

Let’s explain the “waiting attitude” in a general form more, as you might be cursed with such an attitude. You know how through out high school you might be waiting to know what College you will finally join? Then in College you are just waiting to graduate? the beginning you were just waiting summer maybe, but later on just want to get rid of the whole story ( if you got that attitude, that feeling will come, even if you like what you are doing ). Then here you are a graduate?.. Waiting for a good job!..or may be sort of meeting your future partner. Also, may be when you are married, you are stressed out..because you didn’t get that kid yet, Or once you get the job, oh you are waiting your working hours to end? ..This is crazy!. Because you are always looking forward to live the “next step” and once you get the next step, you just don’t live it! and start to worry about the step after it. You are the victim of what life brings on for you?..

Let me tell you this little boy, you know yesterday? ..this is from the past. You don’t own anymore. And you know tomorrow? This is future!. You don’t own this too, and it is all part of illusion. One day, you will just regret all the time you wasted in this kind of illusion.

Days ago, I was reading this article ( It was about that lady who raised 8 kids and how she raised them up. Once I ended the article, all what I was thinking about is how ready I need to be before thinking about marriage actually. O I need to do this and that..and a full list of awesome stuff. That suddenly, sounded as..if we are not waiting for future, we would have been more able to get ready for it.

It took me quite long time to get rid of this attitude in some areas and other no. I took around 2 months off after graduating without thinking about anything related to my field to just can decide what job do I really want and how my career would look like in future and my whole life. It’s not waiting, It was deciding how to live the present, not just settling for whatever comes around.

So little boy, don’t wait, and don’t be the reaction. You are the action out there.


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