As Salam Alykum,

While reading my news feed, I came across picture that shows an interview for an Actress, Her name is Jennifer Lawrence. I never saw anything for her, but looks like she is quite known as people were “overrating” about how her reply to the interviewer is cute.

The interviewer: “By the way, how did you learn to act so well?”
Jennifer Lawrence: “I was a big liar when I was a child.”

So to be a good actor, you need to be a good liar?. I remember when I see actors/actresses in an Islamic TV show or anything alike, saying anything, I used not to trust. Once someone commented on me being uninterested, “That you can’t look down to nonreligious people.”, His comment was far from the reason of not trusting. The idea is not really if they are religious or no, the whole idea is that they are already “Actors”.

Let’s go to Google and ask it about  “Acting” translation?


So acting is generally performing another personality that is not mine, so how would I trust a successful actor for saying he is himself?.

I believe acting need the ability to really detach from who you are really and to just be that fictional person you want to be. It requires a lot of lying.

Come on, don’t deny that when we were young we always thought that Actor A and B are really in love as they came out on all movies as a good couple? ..then we were really surprised when we saw actor B marrying someone else.

Aside note, part of what I don’t love in Love movies anymore, is that they actually ACT. They educate people how to live something, that is not true.

For sure that wasn’t the main reason I started the boycott years ago, but it was from the side effects of the boycott. Many people ask me if good media was there, will you watch? ..Actually, I tried to watch some Islamic production series on YouTube, but honestly I didn’t feel good. I am not saying it is wrong to be clear. It is okay I don’t know. But the whole concept of acting is not relaxing anymore.

Many people ask me what you will do with your kids. People see that my kids should have the right to watch TV so to be up to what the world is up to. Actually, My kids can’t see TV..because of the tons of other main reasons and also because, I don’t really want my kids to accept a halal lie ( if it was halal ). I always imagine my kid asking: So his name is XX? ..No kid, he is just acting, his real name is YY. I don’t like this. It’s okay to imagine someone fictional, But to personalize it in another person?. This is not healthy to my kids in my opinion. Also, one of the side effects of the MOVIE lifestyle, is that it educates people with time to live as if the CAMERA is around. It is not a matter of being happy anymore, it is as if all what you do need is to act “happily”.

It is important to clear up that this is just part of my personality now as when I stopped. I was in academic community of some activity last summer, and when they were trying to represent some idea through acting, I was like killing myself. I did once, and I couldn’t act at all, in the middle I ruin it lol. I know it is a successful method that people use to deliver things, but I feel that we may get some better stuff that make our next generation really intellectual. I would also, get my kids into reading more. As I will be really happy that my kids gain other people experiences through reading, not watching. Many people see that there is no difference. But for me, one of the differences is watching an act, make the story personalized in what you see, limited and for sure to the act itself. While reading, helps you to create your own fictional image that matches your reality not the writer reality. The more you read it, the more images you may get, and It helps you to be deep, really deep and intellectually high and for sure, not limited to what they want you to see.

Also, about if my kids should be up to what the world is up to. No, thanks!. I don’t want my kids to be bad, just if everyone is bad. And to be good is not equal being enclosed or not knowing what is happening around as well. I remember, I myself when I decided to start the bycott, I had some comments like saying that people won’t really love communicating with you, they would be afraid of that you are strict or extreme..and although might of these assumptions were logical, but none of them happened with me, and people around me understood openly that I may have different concepts than you, yet be friends and without calling me an extreme, I don’t think I am extreme. In opposite, many people said they knew i wouldn’t watch what others watch, as my personality can’t be someone who watched anything normally. So same to my kids.

Note: I started to boycott watching most of the Media on 2008, I stopped watching movies or TV series at all, I can't remember when or what was the last movie I saw either on cinema or on TV or even YouTube. Anyways, I guess this is an old story that my old readers know, yet I decided to start a series "Turn Off This" to write stuff about this issue from time to time.

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