As Salam Alykum,

There is something that I was doing for years now, that helped me to be happily in love in most of my life details. I never noticed what it is clearly, till my sister told me yesterday: “It turned out that in order to can do stuff you don’t love, you need to do stuff you love”.

I always thought, the reason that I am happy with stuff other people are not happy with was that I am that kind of person who love deeply whatever he owns or has. Yet, after hearing my sister’s words.  I realized that actually, to love something you don’t love, you need to do stuff you love. How?

Well, Let me clear up the concept then give a lot of example after that. When you find that in order to do “what you don’t love” you are frustrate, you can’t do anything else, you are hate it more. While, when you feel you did what makes you happy anyways, that would help you to enjoy doing anything more..even if you don’t love.

You know when they tell you to mix vegetables with your child’s favorite dressing so he would “love” vegetables. This is exactly what I am talking about.

Many people used to think that I love sleeping early, and I do. but this is now, before 8 years, sleeping early was always a bad idea and boring for sure. Yet, in the moment I started to understand how sleeping early, is a must for waking up early..which is a must for kind of mind state that I love!..I loved sleeping early.

This concept was clearer on my university days. I used to wake up at fajr or before it most of the time, have breakfast, watch Hamza Yusuf, Nouman Ali Khan or anything alike I love, read Quran, and a little chat with my favorite early-bird friends. Then at 7:30 am when I am getting ready for Uni, I used to feel the happiest person in the world. Because simply, I did in my day what makes me happy! Uni because something to feel good at. As I didn’t feel that because of it I am suffering or something.

On some other days, I had 3 or 5 deadlines in one day lol, so instead of waking up early to go for my morning routine, I would just be pushing myself to finish everything on time..or coming late from it something, so that I over-sleep to have no time for myself favorite stuff..on those kind of days, Naah..Uni wasn’t something nice at all.

So It is not like that I love Uni, as I thought. It is that having this kind of balance of doing what you love, make you love stuff that might not be that lovely.

This also taught me to have my morning routine, even if I got exams or anything alike. As this morning routine helped me to love and enjoy the hard pieces of my field.

So, if you are in kind of reality you hate. Don’t have this feeling that, one day when I graduate, I will be happier. Just, take to your reality stuff that makes you happy.

let me tell you something.

Although Egypt got a lot of problems since ever, I was okay with living here and not feeling that horrible. I used to be a teacher as a voluntary work from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, I had some difficulties that made it really hard for my soul to do any kind of effort in anything. So at some point I decided to take a break from everything I used to do that I can break from. So months later, I wasn’t a volunteer anymore as earlier and I stopped a lot of activities as well. So the only thing I used to do was graduating and moic (but taking not giving) lol. But the point is, as far as I remember last year I was in my top worst hating level of Egypt. My highest dream was to just leave that place!.

Yesterday, after my sister’s phrase, I remembered this and just realized that before, I used to feel that even though the reality is not lovely, but I am part of the change and struggle in a positive way. So it made everything much easier. I also remembered, once they were trying to convince me to leave Egypt, and I felt..but my kids! lol.

Yet, after stopping volunteering in 2014, Egypt felt like hell..and I didn’t have any role in this country as well.

So, just think about stuff that you hate in your life, and if you can’t change. I guess It’s time to think about how to balance your life in a way that would make you eat the vegetables happily :).


2 thoughts on “Vegetables with Cheese Foundue

  1. I love that post, so true yet so simple 🙂
    And i did the same thing about volunteering and yes it was my worest year ever, and now I am trying my best to become the happiest person again as I always thought about myself ^_^


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