“This place is designed to break your heart”..

Hamza Yusuf, he was saying this and I don’t remember why. As a young girl, I always thought that this might be exceptional?..I had a heart breaking experience when I was young. I remember I didn’t tell anyone, and didn’t ask anyone for help including myself.

I always communicated with hardships in this world as up-normal thing. Although I had many hardships, but I always thought I am the only one with such problems. All other problems were not worth it as well after having some big problems, I guess we lived in our own bubble for very long time.

When I was younger, I was  more optimistic about the happy life I can reach or the whole world can reach as well. Anyone can be happy, this is true, right?.

but Hamza Yusuf repeated: “This place is designed to break your heart”..

I put this words aside, come on. I can be happy in this world..yet, reading Quran and reading hardships everywhere? ..may be I am in the wrong world? I don’t know.

Reading about how “bad situations” are hardships was always acceptable to my heart, what used to really break my heart was Allah saying:

وَأَن لَّوِ اسْتَقَامُوا عَلَى الطَّرِيقَةِ لَأَسْقَيْنَاهُم مَّاءً غَدَقًا لِّنَفْتِنَهُمْ فِيهِ

And [ Allah revealed] that if they had remained straight on the way, We would have given them abundant provision . So We might test them therein.

Surat Al-Jinn (The Jinn)سورة الجن

Okay! so even when things will go awesome, it will be for testing?! ..This is terrifying, really!.

Yet, In our pursuit happiness, Hamza Yusuf continues:

“it was designed that way if you are looking to be happy in the dunya. You’re in the wrong place.”

And as he says this, I grew up to see a world full of sadness, full of loss, yet merciful!. It’s indescribable how merciful is how things are going in this world. I don’t know to explain this, but this hierarchy is so merciful. It broke my heart watching hardships from the tinniest to the biggest.

Seeing that Lady, whose husband just died. Reading for her, and listening to her heart. And that other guy crying over this best mate death who just gave birth for their little girl.

Then opening the big headlines, of how things are going in Syria.

I saw this picture that was captured only 2 days ago:

It broke my heart, it broke my heart really deep. Where is she now?

O we are also in April, in April I taste the taste of Loss, for some memories I have. The girl who lost her hand, that was hard. Yet, life goes on.

People keep planning their lives, everyone thinks that he is the one with the biggest struggle, and just by looking around for one second, you see how everyone else got a harder struggle.

*Deep breathe*

One of names of Allah, that people do rarly reflect is Omnipotent (al-Qahir).  One of the most obvious names in such situations. People of ignorance always wonder how God accept this “heart breaking world”, and far away of how most of our struggles are just our own mistakes results..but things like a friend death, a wife death, hand loss, a sudden breakup or any harmful thing you passed by, that you didn’t choose, you didn’t do anything wrong to have, yet you have. This is simply because He is alQahir.

You plan your everything out, you think your control everything, you forgot you are just a slave, you forgot the main goal of this life..Remember, even the good life is for testing, this is how we started our speech.

Hamza Yusuf continues:

“If you have Allah you have everything you desire. If you don’t have Allah nothing you desire will make you happy.”

Yes, exactly. Everyone passes by the same hardships in the whole world. Sometimes I wonder how do atheist make it. It is very hard to stay alive with such a belief. How can you handle the death of “the companions of the trench”, if you are not sure that there is a promised day?.

Everything passes, but this was just a quick reminder that, you just need to be Okay with whatever you are having. You are not waiting prince charming like in disney movies to have a happy life, you not waiting to get kids to be not bored and happy. It is not that travel that you are lacking for happiness. It is not that Job or that anything perfect you imagine that if you had, everything will go perfectly. Nothing goes perfectly in life. My own hardships taught me that nothing is for granted. Don’t take life for granted, please.

You may have this wife/husband you wished for, yet they die!..or anything worse happen. You can go for this trip, but who knows what kind of accident you may have. I don’t mean to be pessimistic. I am just stating that things won’t go that perfect, there is always something hard about it, this is LIFE, that’s how is the test is. Even when you will have a great life, it will be for testing. Once, you are perfect, you will die lol, as your test is over!.

lol. Alhamdu lAllah, that this life is not forever. May Allah make us a helping hand to those who suffer. It is always important as well, to know that whatever you are passing by, there is a family that lost their women in such a horrible way like in the such above!. Imagine her last hour alive..no no not the last hour..last 5 minutes, oh this is really terrifying and I can’t imagine how existing people do such harm to others. Yet, this is world. So just stand up and make sure that in the “promised day” you will be with those people who stood by those who were in such hardship. I am not sure how, may be donations? https://donations.islamic-relief.com..I don’t know, do you thing..and remember that not only they are suffering so help everyone around.

I searched for the video where Hamza Yusuf was speaking and I found this, you may enjoy :


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