As Salam Alykum,

I was just thinking about my abilities, how my life changed, what I can go for, what I lack..just planning how things should go. Then I was wondering about how it was years ago. So I went to my old blog, yes the deleted one. I chose random post. It’s name is “Mental Locks”. And Subhan Allah, I don’t know if any of my old readers remember this post. Yet, it describes what I was just thinking about exactly.  So if you are having nostalgia, here you go. And if you don’t know how different my old blog posts were, here you go.

“Mental Locks” was written in November 2012.

As Salam Alykum ^_^

So recently , I could visualize something new . I have seen it more than once my brain 😛 lol

I saw my brain is imprisoned inside a box , so I try to go out of this box … and and when I do ..I discover there is another box XD lol..the mental locks .

Mental locks about who I am , Who I can be , what I do really want ..

discovering a box , after breaking a smaller box ..was disappointing , yet that doesn’t mean you didn’t accomplish anything , nop ! ..It’s a new level .

we all got those mental locks that tell us : ” You are not creative enough  ” , ” You are not smart enough ” , ” This is not for me ” , ” I don’t deserve that much ” ..and It make us give up on stuff ..may be ” you are not ready for it now “

I learned that gaining new skills help you in breaking these locks , yeah patience is needed . Every new skill give you a higher view on who you can be .

personally , in Engineering . I always got those brain locks about ..” come on , I am not a Nerd , this is not for me ” ..” I don’t love Pure Math “  ..and may be those two mental locks describe my main problems in Engineering . I am good , but I can’t be Awesome ..why ? cause I believed so !

..I got another mental lock , about my brain power : ” I can’t memorize ” ..memorizing is such a painful thing for my brain , there is some stuff that I really feel the pain of my brain when I try to do it I always didn’t even try to memorize. 😀
at My Tajwid class Mainly ( as it is something I want to be great on ) , I had to memorize ..a lot ! the beginning I kept saying I can’t , it’s hard , it’s much the end ..oh yeah I could do it XD yeah i forget all what i memorize from time to time ..but basically my mental lock was wrong ..I can Memorize , actually I am awesome 😛 I got great techniques that help you memorize stuff better .

Sometimes , Those mental locks , help us in having a direction , a profession ? 🙂

they limit your view , to have a simple path “I can’t be any where but Engineering” mental lock lol

yeah It’s not an organized post , and didn’t give an answer to any of the Questions pushing my brain ..

just that’s all what I am thinking about recently ..
why do I say I can’t be this , Why do I think I hate this , why do I think by that way ..why do I have pains in my Brain when I try to do this , while It should be easy ?..many Questions ..

I got a problem with my brain recently I believe ..we think a lot ..but as if My brain is something , and who think is something else XD ..eventually I use the same brain that think to criticize it ..that’s painful ..

Random Morning Thoughts . 🙂


And yeah, I used to blog in the very early morning, as part of my morning routine. So Let’s just post this at the very same time, I used to enjoy blogging at.

PS: Sorry for using many emotions, just that’s how I used to express when I was 3 years younger and I didn’t want to change that kind of memory.




3 thoughts on “Mental Locks.

  1. From time to time I come to your blog and reread articles I have read before,to feel the company of your words as the first time I came here and felt so close,It still do its spark on me,this is the type of صُحبة صالحة the one knows when it’s always beneficial for you and lifting you up even from far ,جزاكم الله خيرا My lovely Nuha ❤


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