As Salam Alykum,

I became a reader when I was 16. When I started reading, I used to buy many books, yet I would just read few. It’s just a phase that every new reader pass by. Having that library of your own helps in increasing reading passion. Yet, at some point, You start to preach yourself, that you should buy only what you will read. As a new reader, I had few books after all. Most of my first-year-reading books were really naive and not something to re-read from time to time. So I used to give anyone my books normally. I actually had that feeling of that I shouldn’t care of having a library at home as much as not to stop knowledge at my library.  So I love to always give-away my books. I mostly lend them to others. Most people here don’t really return books fast. So most of the books I lend to others, I lose for years.

Lending my first-year-reading books was normal. Even if I never have them back. Who cares?. I won’t read them again. And I am sure about this. But my second phase books are really valuable. So I gave someone “Reviving the Islamic Science”- AbuHamid Alghazali book, a summarized beautiful version in 2011. And we don’t really meet a lot.  And accidentally, I failed to have it back many times till successfully I could have it back only a month ago. The first thing I did after having the book fully, I hugged. I couldn’t believe my reaction. I found a little note I wrote for myself inside the book about it. I just started to go into its pages and chapters.I felt nostalgia, this is my treasure!. After few days, another book, another person was having it, “With Allah for Salman Al-‘auda”. It was away for almost a year. After lending it to that person. I forgot that I did that. So when I missed it before, I used to search for it everywhere till that person told me I finished the book. It was awesome to know that I didn’t lose. When I had it back, I just remembered how much I used to go high with, I remembered a lot of good memories attached to the book and again, I wanted to hug really.

So thinking about how some books are really dear to my heart and became that kind of treasure was point one in our topic today.

Point two is that I am really considering home-schooling for my future kids. Therefore I felt If I am really into this then I need to have a full-plan for it before I get any baby or preferably before marrying as well. So I started to search about these stuff. And I felt that It’s awesome that I could love reading after 16 years of my life, yet I need to know what my kids should read as well. As Abu Hamed Alghazali is awesome, but this might not be good for their age in the beginning for sure. Yet, I was thinking about giving them that reading passion I have to help them know that this is really a treasure.

Point three, I ran into news of burnt books. Tragedy. But I really felt for the first time, that actually books I have are valuable. I always had that feeling of that you know..who cares if I didn’t have the book back. If I really need it later on I would just go and buy it?. Yet, then in my favorite online books store and a lot of books stores, I find people selling their very old books very expensive because they are the only people who still have it. And, also when I tell people about my abuhamd Alghazali summarized version, they say they don’t find it anymore.

One of the best books I read last year was called “The Book of Illumination: Kitab al-Tanwir fi Isqat al-Tadbir” for ibn ‘atah-illah Assakandri. I read the book as a soft copy. I am okay with reading books without buying them only if their writer is dead too many years ago. I believe it got no copyrights. Yet,  I was in a library recently and I was thinking about buying a book and then I felt, actually I need to buy that book. Even though, I still have its PDF version. But I wanted to show that book to my kids and tell them its story with me.

So I felt, I need to really decide out what books I need to tell my kids about. I wanted to tell them this is Mummy’s treasure, kids!. And to tell them each book story and how each book changed me  and changed my story.  So I need to really make sure to have most of my books back, yes lend them but with more care. Also, I need to write secret notes about each book. So even when I die, they would discover that treasure with their notes.

I just imagined putting all the books in a very big treasure box, and at night discovering it together. That looked very much fun in my imagination. I wish I could draw that scene. I am still wondering what their dad would be reading too. I hope he is reading different awesome stuff, our home would be full of treasure if so.

I was also writing my Wasya (death testament) today. I was thinking about who will really take my books?. Before I just had a valuable book or two. So I never considered it as a big treasure. But after considering the treasure box, This is really valuable. So I felt not sure of how it should be given away after my death. Will people be smart enough to know how valuable that would be?. My grandpa’s books, all of them are Mum’s now. No one but her asked for them anyways. So there was no conflict. I am still searching for Fatwa’s on this. Should it be divided like how normal money are divided or I may tell in my Wasya who should take them. I don’t know and I am still searching though.

All what I know is that I am having a “Mummy’s treasure” for my kids, even before knowing them which is so much fun!.


5 thoughts on “Mummy’s Treasure

  1. How do you feel about ebooks then? I’m a writer myself, and I’m quite interested in people’s thoughts on them. If you have the time I’d love for you to check out my small blog. Atm its mainly short stories and a bit of poetry, but I’m working on a novel (Prologue is on my blog). Feel free to check it out, keep blogging and have a good day 🙂


    1. I read Ebooks a lot as I got a reading device. And its really helpful to read e-books than normal paper books for me. Yet, the idea of copyrights make it little hard. As When it comes to purchasing I love buying hard-copy books only. So I only read e-books of books that are acceptable to download like very old Arabic books or free books.

      Thanks for invitation. I will check for sure.


  2. Ma shaa Allah , a true khalifa on earth , reading is one of the unique characteristics of Allah’s creation (Insan).
    I can read about time ,place, and people that never be , met before in my life ,
    وعلم ادم الاسماء كلها
    The challenge here how to transfer this knowledge to everyone not only your kids , this simply the true role of khalifa , you just need to approach new people segment from different backgrounds, people don’t read , people don’t understand big words , how can get these people to take their fist step , like your kids
    Gazak Allah khayran

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    1. well, Like myself as well not just kids 🙂 ..As I used to hate reading to age of 16 as mentioned above. Hopefully, some of my trials will work ^_^.

      Thanks for reading and welcome to my blog! 🙂

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