AsSalam Alykum,

One of the best things about Islam, is that it is clear and direct about how the world would be. May be, this is the main thing pushed me to write this new post. As usual, I am just sharing reflections as a muslim. So for sure, it is not post of knowledge, It is just a diary of a Muslim about Quran. As mostly we read Quran, a lot. So how would we read it that much without reflections?. So it might happen that any of my reflections are not knowledgeable. Yet, that’s just a diary post.

Through out Quran, Allah clears it up that his promise is true. Like:


Verses like this are a lot, they are saying that Allah’s promise is true. So a normal reflector, I just try to track Allah’s promises through Quran.

One of the main promises that captured me a lot was this:


One of the most clearest promises in Quran. This life is for testing in all ways!. The fear we get, the hunger, the loss of anything, ..and even the fruits!..Even happiness is for testing.

A religion that promises you, that you need to be aware all the time. You may see the promise as you will suffer always, yet its clearer for me, that it is about that you will be “tested” always.

Most people to invite you to their group, would give you that feeling of you will be safe with us!. lol. Here, You need to realize that you will be tested in all levels. So its a promise? : )

Then why do you really panic, when it happens?.

It is not like it was a trap. The promise was quite clear and straight forward. Even that little fear you get is kind a test.

People of faith, this verse makes them stronger. As it make them people of purpose and awareness.

Yet, people of doubt. Do seriously doubt..Most of them actually, try to know Allah through Doubt and as Allah clearly stated:


So they start saying,..stuff. I was going to tell stuff they say, yet actually It’s not even lovely to tell them. All what you say may simply be summarized as, Assumptions.

I was teaching some courses since graduating, and always some students gave me that expression: “If you were caring about us, you would just give us the full grade!”..(Even though, they were cheaters). In their assumption, the good me, should make things easier regarding cheating. Yet, my assumption, is that If I really made cheating harder for them to a way that makes them “HAVE TO WORK”..this is good for them!. In the end, both of us are assuming. But when it comes to Allah. What he tells, is never just an assumption.

Yet, we keep comparing Allah’s actions to our doubtful assumptions than his own words.

You know, personally if everything is quite awesome 100%..without any kind of tests. This life is useless and pointless!. I mean, why would I come this world, to live 100 day of whatever, then NOTHING?..or then according to some religions go to HEAVEN. What’s the point?! Personally, if anyways after death, is not related to before death..why would we really handle such life? ..even if it was good. Realizing that for sure, death is there.

Some people, wait to see things in front of their eyes to believe in it.  if it happened to not see dead people, they would disbelieved in death. Yet, didn’t they thought that things got meaning, and seeing death as a reality, means more than just death? It’s really hard to be limited with what you see and what you get with your little brain, that just a little headache would crack.

That promise is general for all. It is not just for the believers, or even the disbelievers. So sometimes, it is quite interesting, seeing how no far you disbelieve, you are in the same test.

Life is for a test, and It is good to know this ahead.

And remember, even the fruit is a test : ).


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