AsSalam Alykum,

This is my first week as 23-years-old girl. So I started considering nearly everything. If you read my previous post, you know what I am talking about. This year should really be awesome.

I was thinking about my life style, concerning food and exercising. I got a HUGE issue. I am sugar addict, literally. I call specific types of food as “sugarish” ..which means full of “this sugar rush” and this is mostly how I describe food..this was sugarish..oh, this wasn’t sugarish enough. I know it is not even a word but that’s how I see the world.

So if I got the choice to choose between a real meal or something sugarish, I would for sure go for whats sugarish. I am not kind of person who eat based on getting hungry. It’s easy to not get hungry that much for days for me. Food is somehow for fun for me. So when it comes to non-sugarish food. When I was a kid, I was very slim because I didn’t really enjoy food. But now, I enjoy food that makes you happy. It would perfectly be full of cheese, white sauce and any kind of food that was treated as a special meal in our family like molkya (Egyptian soup) or Mahshy (Sarma in Turkey..)..etc. I know this is bad.

Anyways, That’s ugly to tell. Many people don’t really believe that bad thing about me, as I am not fighting obesity (Alhamdu LAllah). As I am energetic person who enjoys moving. Yet, I am not as slim as I was or as I should be. And more dangerous, I am not as healthy as I should be. So I started considering eating healthy after graduating.

I believe I am someone with a strong will. When I know what I want to do, it is possible to do it. I already stopped soft-drinks (Soda – all types) in 2011, once I believed I should. So I decided I should follow a healthy diet when I graduated. I went through a lot of trials.

Just like any ignorant, you stop eating kindly everything and you think this kind of starvation is a solution. While, even as an ignorant you know this is wrong lol [1]. I lost a lot of weight after this starvation, but my health wasn’t getting any better. I started to try to follow different diets. But none of them was satisfying as most known diets depend on losing weight, not eating healthy. While, I want to eat healthy.

And I had another issue. Do you remember being SUGARISH?!. I don’t know if you understand this problem or no. But, nothing is sugarish enough for someone like me. Everyone start to say eat more fruits. Fruits re not sugarish at all for me!. So whatever how much I try to go right, it feels hard, really hard. It is really hard to eat healthy for me in beginning and stay happy. [2]

Also, the wrong concepts! [3]. I love  juices a lot! Most of those juices are really sugarish, but also I love the feeling of drinking something refreshing. And also, I don’t drink anything like coffee, tea, cacao..etc. So water and juices are my only options. So I always thought that drinking fresh juices is part of my healthy diet, and sugar..will i thought that as long as it is not a lot! is okay. Yet, last Ramadan, Asshuqairy gave an episode that I didn’t search behind it yet about that actually drinking juices is not healthy and that sugar should go down to just one tea spoon per day!. Ouch lol.  His explanation was logical, he said that it is healthy to eat only two fruits per day max. So when you drink, you really go for a lot more. That’s sad.

Another issue, I am still facing while planning on how I would do it this time. I don’t really know how a consistent diet is. I mean, when I stopped soda, I knew that I should have no other thing instead of it anyways, as it is not healthy at all and not needed. So it was easy to stop..and to tell my body that you just need to forget this option at all. I mean, no juices, no sugar, no more than 2 bananas per day..come on!.[4]

But, when I stop sugar. I feel my body needs something else. So just stopping, without giving my body another option always cause it to fall down. Currently, I am searching for someone knowledgeable to educate me how I can eat healthy and consistently.[5]

The last issue I faced was that in that moment I stop the diet. May be it was just a free day, or a give up. I just feel i miss eating the food I used to enjoy so so so much!. Unlike with soda, I never miss soda. So especially in the give-ups..I feel all the restriction I was going through are worthless. And finally, I am free to eat whatever and having fun is more valuable and eating healthy is just a myth [6].

So let’s just take this topic to a more straight forward tone, more than just talking that much.

 We are in a community that just doesn’t value the effect of the wrong way, in the same way we value the right way. In our diet example, even though we ate unhealthy for years, we get surprised if we followed a diet to lose weight and we didn’t lose that much!. Even though, it is never weird to us that we don’t gain weight daily when we eat unhealthy. We don’t really value the un-seen. I mean, may be one day you will get weak and sick 20 years earlier just because of your food style. But we are just looking under our foot, and enjoy the moment.

I guess my six points would never tell that “oh, forget about healthy food. It’s a myth”. As we all know by researches that it matters.

The main reason I wrote this, is not the diet I am struggling with. Although it is real, and I am working to fix this. But the main reason was reading a Quora thread for ex-muslims/christians/religions who became atheists. This thread was discussing how they feel about how religion was a huge restriction not about facts or scientific approaches like other threads. So as I was just looking for my life style issues, I started to match how their problems were really near to mine. Religion is somehow a life-style. As you live according to it daily. I face those 6 concepts mentioned above when I try to be more based on religion. When I decided to stop TV, w wear hijaby, be a reader, reciete more Quran, learn more..etc. Those challenges were always there. What made them easy, is that I got their solutions unlike the food thing. So, if you got these struggles with religion..may be the next few lines are for you. You would need to match the points though. (Using Ctrl+F [N])

[1] The Starvation, as an ignorant. So this is challenge one for people who tries to be religious. They don’t know what is religion is asking for exactly, so they just go into starvation of not doing anything they used to feel internally it might be wrong. Then, when later on they fall down, they start blame Islam for this starvation, while it wasn’t part of Islam :). It was his mis-conception about how is being right is. Many people find it hard to imagine the prophet playing with kids, going to university or do anything but praying and fasting. It’s there own issue, not prophet issue. As actually, the prophet used to do everything. I believe it’s solution, is knowledge and to have patient with your own self to know that you don’t know, and to just start to change your perspective step by step.

I remember TariQ Swidan used to tell, close your eyes and imagine a modern muslim country. If you see choas, then you don’t have an islamic perspective for a modern islamic country and that till you got that imagination for it, you don’t really know or have the perspective of how an islamic country would look like.

But anyways, remember its your own starvation, not the healthy food myth.

[2] Nothing is SUGARISH enough!. Fruits would never be enough after a bar of chocolate mixed with caramel. Not many people realize this. Many people think that eating healthy will fill you with happiness and feeling healthy!. While actually, addiction makes you can’t get this. As addiction distracts you. You are used to have a “RUSH”. No more rushes in healthy food, healthy food depends on giving you balance with no more or less levels than balance. So same to Islam. Islam gives you this balance. So you are not having a RUSH. yes, in future when you forget your addiction and your body is recovered, you will feel happier with that balance, and feel free and full of energy..that would give you a rush of happiness :). and that’s the only rush you may have. lol, no more sugar.

Looking for sugarish rush in healthy food is insane same as looking for ” a specific way of fun” in doing things right is insane. Some people enjoy deep inside the feeling of losing awareness ( like drinking alcohol and going high through drugs ) or even just in small sins details. While Islam, would never give you this. As being “aware” is part of being healthy.

Someone told me before, if you passed 1 month without depending on this sugarish feeling, you will start to enjoy the healthy food :). So may be same with the religious life style.

[3] The wrong concepts!. This is mostly like point [1]. Having wrong concepts that you keep doing that makes you not healthy, while you are struggling to be healthy. So you find that you are not getting any better, even though you are following the recipe. Like, if you believe you should not be social as a religious guy, so you keep feeling that religion is making you less active, less helpful, less acceptable..while Islam actually didn’t tell you to not be un-social, at all. Or the opposite, to be very social, because Muslims must be social lol, while this would break your introvert personality and make you feel you lost peace. So what islam really wants you to be?. You start feeling, this is not working. While this was just a wrong concept.

[4] A consistent diet. This is my NUMBER ONE problem with healthy food, I don’t know how it should be. So same to “being religious”. Some people struggle to just know how exactly should being a good Muslim be. So they never reach this balance and they always feel in danger and not satisfied. It would just feel like it is never enough. But again, a consistent Islam is out there, so not knowing for sure your problem. It doesn’t make healthy food not a right thing. It makes you need to reach someone who knows how a healthy food life style should be.

[5] The Alternatives!. When I stopped watching bad media, I started to watch Islamic various stuff and I became a reader. So I never really miss a movie, as instead, I am watching Hamza Yusuf, NAK, and a lot of different people that normal people don’t know. So feeling empty because your brain stopped something wasn’t there. Instead, I always regret the time I wasted as a kid and I feel, I wish I started in the other path earlier. I always have a more session to learn from, a lot of more books to read.  I had a lot of alternatives in my life, that is not so common in my society. Without the real alternatives, I would have felt “why do Islam want me to ‘do nothing'” or why is everything boring. While because my alternatives were awesome, I enjoyed. ( even more than before, and my old blogger readers know a lot about this ).

[6] Feeling It is a myth as you are frustrated of the struggle. Actually the guy was saying about Islam: “I regret that I came too late to this decision, as, I have missed lot of happy moments and pleasure gaining situations just because I was afraid of Allah’s punishment! I didnt have an affair even when a most beautiful girl was in love with me, just because I was keeping Islamic morality. All my friends enjoyed their days (even some so called Muslims) but I was with shitty Islamic principle. Man,I badly regret that. It was  such a chance I missed, later when I became free from all such religious thoughts I didn’t get such a chance. Lot of pleasure has been denied to me in my whole life..”

I had the exact feeling toward not eating lots of unhealthy of food for weeks, because of the healthy food myth!. I always felt for a moment, no my body don’t mind actually what to eat!. I missed a lot of fun!. I missed eating this crepe Nutella with friends and this party, I missed all the good cheesy full of fat food. O, how stupid I was, it doesn’t matter anyways what to eat. Yet, I was afraid from how the unseen might reward me with eating food that we all know, it is unhealthy.

Does any of my feelings, make eating unhealthy really the right way? 🙂

Actually, people with healthy food enjoy life’s balance in all aspects more. They get less depression, obeese, lazy, dizzy, and a lot of daily life problems of un-healthy food. The only difference is that we match feeling down in diet’s begining to diet [2]. and we don’t match feeling sick without being sick to eating unhealthy.

So the guy felt just like “he missed a lot”, while one day..he will know what he really really missed!.

There is a saying that I do really appreciate that says: “Those who didn’t have patience, didn’t know how it was going to be if they had patience :)” As always, people who lose patience, focus on what they can get now!..instead of what they really need.

So that’s it. May Allah give us patience to have a healthy life style in nearly everything.


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