A Mandala starts with a point, center of earth, or may be the whole world. Yet, It is not that world we are living in, it’s that world we are living by, the world of thoughts.

So grab your pencil and follow. Your pencil should be erasable, not sure and not clear, not seen except by you. This is almost how our thoughts in the beginning. And just start your world of thoughts by this ‘dot’ at the center of a clean paper.

Using drawing compass, you start to draw circles. Each circle’s center is just that dot. You are free to decide how many circles you want, and how near/far they are to each other. Again, you are still using the pencil. These circles might be like our mental locks, they are limiting, yet they let us have a clear path to go through without being truly distracted.

You may need to add more mental locks, using a ruler to cut circles into pieces at once. Be fair, you want all people to take equal pieces of this pizza.

Then it’s time to hold your black pen to start expanding from your center to show your world of thoughts to people. Don’t panic. You don’t need to know anything about how it might end from the beginning. All what you know is your center and your zones, the circles.

And just doodle, yet remember our world starts from the center. I went with my thoughts till I reached this first step.

I don’t know if this was easy to follow. Yet, this post is not a ‘how-to-draw-a-mandala’ tutorial. At this point, I just started to love mandala. I knew just before adding the last line, what I drew looked complete. I didn’t know what do I want to go for more, yet it was really inviting to do something more. At first, I regretted my latest addition, I felt it was a mistake. It took me really a lot to develop.

After getting deeper into my world of thoughts, I reached this step:


I may still consider it complete, but something make it feel hard to accept it to this extent. I knew, it couldn’t end in this way.

I started to doodle more and more till I reached the final state. And nothing is final actually, it is just the state, I decided to stop.

2015-07-19 12.40.34

At this point, I fell in love with my own Mandala. It sounded as my life. I always look at my life and feel, okay this is perfect, don’t ruin it!. Then I know, that I got the center, and I can’t stop. So I add a certain line to my life, and then after feeling it was a huge mistake, I just start reminding myself about how I can change this mistake to a new innovation in my life’s depth. It’s just like life, you can always add more. You never know how it will end like, yet you know that each level gives you a newer level.

This is not the only mandala I drew, yet this was my favorite. And just how people add meaning to my life, my sister added meaning to my mandala.

So it ended up to look like this with her own coloring  :), as always I need her complete myself.



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