I was just reading Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar) for Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri. It is an amazing book. I just love it. It’s about the life of the prophet. Yet, it tells about everything related to Prophet Muhammad’s prophecy. How things were, how the first believers were, etc. I am approaching the end of Mecca’s Era (the first 13 years). So after seeing in the first 20% of the book how the believers really suffered and passed by a lot of hard moments,Mubarakpuri decided to talk about ‘how did they have such persistence and patience’. I just fell in love with this section and as any other engineer, I decided to generalize it to fit into our daily life. As most the factors he mentioned happened with me in a lot of stuff.

So our 7 keys for having persistence and patience are:


When you have faith in what you are trying to have persistence and patience with, you just do it. When you do really believe and have a true faith in your goals, you just do all the impossible stuff for it. You can’t really see all the struggles in their real weight as, you see always what you believe in with a higher priority.

And, mostly those who fall are always lacking faith. When you lack faith, the smallest test would make you question if ‘this thing is really right, or worth it’.

And I loved Mubarakpuri mentioning how that the believers treated all the troubles and hardships just as sea foam. It looks huge and strong, while actually its nothing?!. He quoted them Allah’s verse in surat ArRad [13:17].

2. A living example.

This is pretty hard key, and it is not always there. Yet, it helps a lot in increasing your persistence and patience. Motivated people always love to know successful people and read their autobiography, as just knowing them boost your trust about that this is worth all what I am doing and It’s possible. In our story, that was the prophet.

Yet, in our daily life we may seek this by knowing more people into what we want to be persistent for, reading about them more, or to at least always have an image for them internally. If you feel hopeless in this point, you may read this old article.

3. Someone you love.

This point is really tricky, but sometimes all what you need to have persistence and patience is that feeling of ‘I don’t want to let him down’. Sometimes, we have those moments where we don’t care anymore if we failed. We are just in a really bad pressure, that losing and giving up would be a real option. In those moments, only knowing that someone else you care about will be said if you gave up, makes you strong again.

This someone, I believe would be Allah. You know he created you, watching you, and testing you. So you just get this feeling of, It will really be sad if at the day of judgement, I had to tell I gave up. Let’s hope we never reach this, ever!.

 Mubarakpuri mentioned this in terms of the prophet, saying that the believers really loved him so I understood from his explanation that he was that person they would never ever love to let down.

4. Responsibility.

In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for Stephen Covey, he mentioned that Responsibility is out of response-ability. So it is simply ‘the ability to response’. It’s always crucial to know that you got this ability. Some people act as a result always, thinking that they are victims of the surrounding. While knowing that its actually you who chose his response, gives you a lot of power.

Also, When responsibility make you know ‘you are the hero’. It’s not like if you didn’t do it, it will happen. No you feel a heavy weight on your shoulder that tell how much you should stay strong and do it. It’s like this responsibility parents get when they are parents. They just feel like, if we didn’t raise those kids probably, it’s would be a huge crime, no one else would fix and a lot of similar feelings, so those feelings make parents too much strong than normal people.

And it this point, I feel in love with the companions of the prophet. As I felt, ‘Oh this had a great responsibility towards me’ as they really knew that if they didn’t stand firm, I would have never been Muslim now? ..wow. Beautiful, I wished I could tell them what you did was really worth it and to thank them. May be in the ever-after life in shaa Allah.

5. Believing In The Hereafter.

This is so much important. Hereafter in Islam gives you the concept of that each tiny action matters.  So it is not like fearing to do all what you are trying to do, then dying before seeing the results. As you know, actually it matters. And when your everything is for Allah, this helps you to really be with more persistence and patience.

I had a lot of hard decisions in my life, only believe in Judgement day helps me to take. As you just know There is good and bad, heaven and hell. And just as the writer described in this book, those believers live with Hope and Fear. So two wings that help you really be more persistence.

As you always have hope for the good results, and you fear the bad results as well. So It matters more for you.

6. Quran.

Quran is really indescribable. There is nothing as reviving as Quran. It just always talk to you and helps you, whatever what were your issues.  The same verse, got a infinite keys for helping and its really weird how each time a different key work depending on your current problem. Quran got everything. My life changed upside down when I started to read Quran daily, and whenever I feel like failing down, I just realized I stopped reciting and thinking and reflecting Quran as usual, and in this moment I am back, everything goes straight forwrd again.

It tells you the rules, how things should go, the stories of those people in your place. It is really the best blessing thing in life.

7. Begin with the End in Mind.

The sub-title was inspired from Stephan Covery book. Covery took a lot about this point as a critical key for successful people. When you know the net result you are working for, you are motivated to have persistence more. This point would include a lot of the above points. Yet, when you know for example that if you finished a specific task, I would give you 1000$. This helps you do get less frustrated and to reach the 100% done point. While, if you don’t really know what is the end of your efforts, you may give up faster.

So it is always important to begin with the end in mind, and to always understand your goals. This may include the hereafter goals, the life goals or anything you want. Sometimes, it is not about goals too, it is about the state you would reach.

In the book I am reading he mentioned how the companies in the middle of all the struggle, knew from Quran and the prophet that the goal behind this religion was not their current struggle in opposite, Islam was there to stop oppressing and all injustice that were around. So as they left injustice and bad things themselves, they knew their struggle would produce a better community and I am sure this wasn’t their main goal, but it was a state they want the world to reach.

For sure, this is not exactly how the book mentioned the 7 points (they are 6 in the book, I divided its 2nd point into 2,3). Yet, It is more deep and informative in the book. It’s a beautiful book and I do really recommend.


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