AssSalam Alykum Kids,

This is mummy from 2015. I am currently 23 kids. Yeah, Mum was young one day!.

I don’t know where are you now, or even where I am now. I don’t know how old you are? how many you are, or anything about you. I don’t know if you can speak English or even Arabic or if you can read this anyways. I don’t even know, if you would criticize my English. It will be great if you are more knowledgeable than me.

Yet, I decided to write those letters for you. I am not sure if it is really for you only, may be it is for myself as well. I need a lot of reminders of how I was planning to raise you up and see you in future.

I wrote in this blog previously Mummy’s Treasure. It was about you too, but it wasn’t that direct. This time it is just about you.

I consider how I should change or prepare myself for raising you up many times. Yeah, it took more than how old you are to raise you up. It happens that I do some stuff, just because I want you to have it, and I know there is no way to tell you about it unless I am doing them myself.

Anyways, Let’s talk about my thoughts one by one in different letters. Today’s thought is about Personality Traits generally.

I consider myself raised in a very good way. So I always wonder how my mum (your grandma) raised me up. She did a lot. Actually, many people around me asks me about how my mum raised me up as well. The key point in my mum’s raise up, is that she always cared about my personality traits. She rarely focused on educating me what to do and what to not to do, instead she always focused on the principles and the personality we would reach.

So for example, my mum taught me to always follow what’s right and to always go away from what’s wrong. So it became part of my personality that in the same moment I know that something is right, I have to follow and in the same moment I know something is wrong, I find it very hard to accept it. Yet, she didn’t really educate me “what is wrong” and what is right”. So normally when I grew up, I discover some stuff my own family used to do wrong, I didn’t find it hard to change. And even though they still do or used to do these wrong stuff when I was young, I always feel its their way of raising me up that helped me to go right later on.

The idea of having this personality trait built in helps a lot. As you  act and plan only, and if you know what I mean, this is a great bless. As nothing is harder than fighting our own traits. It’s possible and changeable, yet it is very hard. If you are raised for example on an opposite trait, to ignore whats right and wrong. trimming your personality to stop ignoring would be really very hard.

So a one gift parents may give you, is raising you up to have personality traits that would help you forever. As gaining them when you are young is  easier for you, yet I’m not sure if it will be easy for me. This made me decide to put a list of personality traits I want you to have, in order to plan how to raise you up on this.

Generally, I will talk about each trait in future letters and I hope you will find them in yourself already. Yet, I wanted you to know that basically you are like a diamond for me. Diamonds are created under high temperature and pressure. Yet, what makes them diamonds is their internal secrets. So may be raising you up is just like how they create diamonds. I may add some traits and principles but in the end, it is about ‘YOU’, the holy secret soul. So you will always have more traits built in your soul without me trying to do anything about. You won’t be all alike -my kids-. Each one of you would have his personality in the end. I guess its time to search about how diamonds are formed and if any substance can be turned in a diamond or no and if they turn into the same result or they are all different. :)!.

I look forward to start telling you about those traits, diamonds.

Your mum,


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