Boredom might be the main reason behind why you came here first.

Boredom is defined as ‘an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings.’. Most people try to escape  from boredom. Yet, I am here today to tell you how such feeling may change your life.

In our modern life, we tend to get bored easier and faster. Nothing is satisfying to usual-today-human-being. There is always something to do. When you feel bored, you just run and check your Facebook notifications, bored again?..Okay check twitter, bored again? umm may be check the timeline, bored again?..May be, it is time to check the notifications again. and that’s how you start to loop in every hyperlink you know to get rid of feeling bored.  They tell internet is a set of hyperlinks for a reason. You just go from a link to another, doing what?. Killing boredom.

When I was fifteen and a half, I decided to change my life. I used to watch TV a lot, seriously a lot. I used to sleep very late, it was mostly like the 2nd day before I sleep. I used to chat friends all night and play a little silly games used to exist by then. I wasn’t that good at school as well, so I didn’t study that much. I didn’t love reading, so I didn’t read anything by then. And for sure, as anyone who sleeps late, I slept a lot, relatively. Yeah, a horrible version of me. Yet, it was acceptable by everyone I know.

So Suddenly, I decided that I bycot TV and that I will start my day at fajr, and sleep before that by 6 hours. Also, I stopped knowing a lot of my friends by then, either by chance or by decision. So after being ‘doing something’ all day. Suddenly I got from 5 am to 11 pm, doing nothing.


I remember a friend of mine by then, used to tell me, it is not about if it is haram or halal, it is about ‘what are you going to do with your life then?’.

So in that year, by this decision, I started to love reading, or let’s say decide to be a reader. I started reading Quran daily, and also azkar. I started to know a lot of awesome islamic figures. I knew Hamza Yusuf, Ali abu Alhassan, Shoqeiry, all the awesome people I could know till today. I started studying for my classes :3, suddenly I was into studying now and alhamdulillah I got good scores and joined the best field for me. I could be good at it too. I went to Umrah, Haj. I consider those as gifts because of my decisions alhamdulillah.  I started to have breakfast, I had issues with this before. And I had a lot of changes, that turned me into who I am today. alhamdulillah.

Feeling bored was really powerful. When you feel bored you usually try to escape. It is a rule, your brain can’t be stopped from this feeling. No one enjoy being bored. So when you put yourself in this kind of state and put rules of what to not do. Your brain will simply search for new things to do. They might be wrong too, but at least we are discovering. The more your rules are good, the more redirection will be accurate.

After graduation, many of my friends used to complain about boredom. They wish they are back, I always say that even though my university days were awesome, No, I don’t want to return back to those days. Part of me really enjoyed this boredom after graduation. You have nothing to do now!. Many people tries to escape from this feeling by joining the possible track fast. So apply to the nearest job and just work!. Some do that because they got their goals, yet others just do it out of boredom. I remember, I decided to not apply for work at all for 3 months, just to enjoy this boredom. My brain starts to think about all the possibilities that may get him out of this. By this was way, you discover new approaches.

Also, the way we were busy at University, wasn’t that healthy. As you are busy, but at what?.

Recently, I decided to sign off Facebook. Having many friends and ~2900 followers is not that healthy, even though it is a bless. There is always someone talking to you. There is always a new notification, a new comment and there is always something to be busy doing. Also, because of some fans of what I share, I get deceived sometimes. I just feel, you re getting people to know NOUMAN ALI KHAN!. This is awesome. While, it is not enough.

Even though, sharing stuff with people is fun and sometimes good. Are they good enough?. Missing this boredom felt really dangerous for me. Now, I got my work, I got my schedule and when I am bored I am just checking the timeline. So this can’t be healthy.

So I turned off Facebook and other social media people are active on in the beginning as much as I can. I even turned off my mobile. It was all by middle of August. I jut wanted to be completely bored. I remember before technology invade us, people used to not have the right to reach you at anytime like this. It’s double edged sword for sure.

So, as any bored person, I started to search for something to do. For the first week, I was just bored lol. I was just getting used to not to think about share this or that. I was just getting used to get no messages. I was getting used not waiting anything to make me feel busy. I returned to reading. I stopped reading for a while before that for unknown reasons. So instead of the timeline, I am reading a book.

In week 2 and 3, I started to go walking with a friend in the early morning. I met more than different 5 friends in the early morning. It was fun and I am really happy they share me such an early hangout.

I was instructing in the university a course, so I was into it more and focusing with my students more. I was little busy at work too in the beginning, now it is moderate. I decided to have new ideas for my work. It was just awesome.

Now, I got a list of books I need to read as soon as I can. I started swimming again too!. When I was a kid I used to swim always, I stopped that when I was younger, so I am just back! It feels awesome.

I started to blog more!. I guess you can notice that.

So suddenly, I am back to this lovely awareness!. I still check Tumblr, although I don’t consider it as any social media. It is just a very inspiring place for me. I also enjoy Calvin And Hobbes, they are funny, yet too deep for me. I talk to some friends through hangout and I check whatsapp every two days or something. Yet, it is really controlled, few minutes per day. I meet them more now, and I enjoy that. I had little tricky social media on, yet turned off today to continue my experiment. My life still needs more discipline and scheduling, yet my methods looks promising and they worked before when I was 16!.

I just love how much it feels like at the end of the day, when I realize that I used a higher percentage of my day. Being unaware -sometimes- push you to enjoy wasting time. You just want time to pass. Some people don’t love waking up early, as they feel, OH it will be a long day. Actually, we wish it was a long day, because we have a lot to do and wasting time is not a lovely option.

Only if you don’t fear feeling bored, you will have the courage to change, live the moment and to try new things. So when you are doing ‘something’, it would really be ‘something’ worth.

Enjoy your boredom, The bless to have nothing to do and choose what you want to really do. Boredom in that way, would redirect you to your passion.

See you later!.


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