Do you remember the waiting attitude?

Just similarly, some people are always feeling that in other life conditions, everything will be greener. Mixing the ideas of the waiting attitude and why relationships fail, It’s time to realize it’s not greener anywhere else.

Young people imagining everything will be easier and better just if they traveled to that place they can’t go to, It was going to be better if they married this person who refused them, If they had this job someone else had, If they weren’t sick with some serious sickness, if they weren’t poor, if they weren’t born in this family, if and if ..till you really go in a worse version than the waiting attitude.

It’s time to realize that it is not greener on the other side, It’s greener where you water it!.

It’s okay, to seek something different than what you have. Sure, it is okay and sometimes a very good ambitious act of you. Yet, it is totally destructive to not have gratitude for what you have and not to how to water your own flower!.

In terms of relationships, some teenagers just hate their family, all what they are thinking about is that, when I grow up and I leave that house everything will be better. I will be with people who can listen to me, can appreciate me, have fun, enjoy what I enjoy. He keeps thinking that what is stopping him from having a good social life, is his family alone. So He might even dream of just marrying the right girl and to have this perfect life he always dreamed of. Yet, surprisingly, when he married her and passed this first awesome phase, he had some problems with her, and discovered, he doesn’t love her like before. At this moment he has two choices, either to work on this relationship to make it work. (don’t you think it was going to be better with his main family too if he put effort?) or he will just say  ‘it’s always greener on the other side’.

Actually, It is one of the traits of immature people, They treat everything they want in life as a toy. Do you remember kids with toys?. When you want to get a toy and you are a kid, you just dream about how much you want this, how your life will be better and that everything will just be perfect if you get it. Yet, once you get that toy, you feel actually I don’t want that, this is a very boring toy.

So commenting on  why relationships fail, sometimes you are just immature. Yeah, this is an insult. Yet, it is important to be clear with yourself. You won’t get mature by time, you get mature by learning. So if you keep treating everything like kids, eventually you will never have a greener grass.

May be, It is with your work as well. You feel distracted, not happy and not appreciated at your work. A good decision sometimes, is to leave. Yet, sometimes for strangers like me it is hard to identify if the problem is that place you work at, or its you. Let’s say you joined a new job and you had the very same problem. Although you kept dreaming about how you will work more efficient and be active more if you just joined this other company!. Yet, when you joined, it turned out to not be that green, although your colleagues looked like to have a green grass.

At this moment, you need to sit down and think about how you need to water this. Identify your issues, problems, and we need to think about how to fix them all.

I am sure you just matched this topics with more examples in your life. Remember, ‘Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful’.

So how are your going to water your grass?


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