Salāmun ʿalaykum :)!

Today I am telling you about my personal trait, Determination. Since I was young, it was pretty clear I am determinate about nearly everything. It wasn’t always positive, yet it is a trait that I truly enjoy having alhamdu lAllah. I guess my family was the main reason behind this. Whenever I am about to lose this trait a little, I freak out to get it back. It helps me to look up to my-future-self sometimes. As I am always looking forward to what’s more I will reach.

Being determinate is about knowing what you want and doing it. To know what you really want, you need to be able to decide. Many kids with strong parents personality grew up as a very weak personality people. As their parents always decide, and never give them the chance to do mistakes or their own choice. Although my parents got a really strong personality, they didn’t do this with me. Everything at home was by choice and discussion when I was young. This was negative in the beginning as a kid, I didn’t love vegetables, so I didn’t eat vegetables. I didn’t love doing homework, I used to be punished a lot for not doing homework at school, at home they were okay. Actually they were not that okay, I remember they used to really advice a lot. Yet, they never punished me for a homework, or to eat something specific. I was never pushed to do something I decided not to do and I always had the space to do my decisions. Even thought I was really young.

Everyone at home had the same advantage, we lived as grown ups even when we were kids. We were educated that everyone got his own choice, so all what you need here is to think in others before deciding. So even though I was free to choose and decide, I learned to never have a choice that would harm anyone around. Yet, I thank them for giving me such freedom always.

This freedom helped me to change as teenager. While I was just taking my decisions and doing them, my friends always used to say that their parents won’t let them do any of what I do. In my home, It was never like that.

So basically, I wish I can be as awesome as my parents in this point. I want to just give you the space to choose. I would put you in a lot of situations that would push you to choose and decide. When you tell me ‘mum, which color should I use for the sky’, I would just tell you feel free to choose any. I don’t care if the sky in your painting turned out to be red or green. I care more about how positive it is to choose. I won’t really let you choose unhealthy food, I am not that kind like them. Yet, I will try to always give you valid options. I want you to do a lot of valid mistakes so, just like my younger me you would start to know how to go for whats right alone and leave whats wrong. I guess home schooling will help us in this. I loved this comic for Calvin:


Seriously, I want you to be like this. I want you to know that everything you do is by choice, and you need always to have the determination to be where you want to be. I might have problem with your needs, but this is another issue.

After you learn to decide, here come the hard part, to be up to your decision!. Many people may decide they want to be a pioneer to a specific field for example, yet they give up. To never really give up on something you want, this is determination. Especially when you re flexible to do it by anyway (good way). As a kid, I guess this would happen by putting you in hard situation of thing you choose by yourself. So for example, I would give you a puzzle to solve!. A very hard one so you may learn that if you really want to see the end result, you need to enjoy your choice negative points as well. I guess camping and mountain hiking are good ideas too.

I need to work a lot on making sure you are that person who goes for what he wants. As I also want to make sure that giving you the choice, won’t make you that person who choose the easy way. So after years I won’t see you as a dull people, just because your mum left all the choices for you. Instead, I want to see you really smart and active. If you got the two skills right, I believe you will awesome.

Anyways, My determinate kids. Those were my thoughts and worries about you.

Thank you,


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