You know I am creepy, right?. Because if you don’t know, ugh you will know now.

Last August, I was trying to change as usual. So I limited social media at all for just few weeks. It was very hard to reach me on those days. As I am not kind of person who notice the phone’s ring anyways. So when I am not even on FB too, this is horrible to my friends.

It was my birthday week, my best friends planned secretly for a surprise party. Yet, As I got no phone, I ruined their party, lol. I was at Uni in the day they planned for. Their plan was that I would come home by 4 pm, my sister would tell me to hangout, and we would go where they are. That was a good plan. The only problem is that I came at 8 pm actually.

I had no phone that day. I didn’t plan for this, just surprising events showed up in my University. I apologized for my family for coming late and not having my mobile. I didn’t think I should apologize for anything else, until it was the door bell. They just came!. They are awesome friends, that I will be thankful for forever. It was a great surprise and a gift to know that you are loved by such awesome people. Alhamdulillah. Only real people can visit you at home too.

Anyways, After passing this event, I couldn’t use my phone regularly too. I got issues with phone, and I was without social media as well. I started to call some of my friends to join early hangouts at 8 am though. I was interested in getting in touch with people more. I started to think about how it was before telephones, internet and all the newly created ways of communication.

May be, It was letters ^_^. Sometimes I wake up feeling I want to send a friend of mine a surprising flower with a letter. Yet, I don’t know her address.

In today’s world. I might be having more than 1000 friends at Facebook and more than 3500 followers, but how many of them would really trust me to have their address and show up at anytime?.

If I seriously disappeared -online-, who would take the move to show up and search for me? :).

If I want to act in a ‘creepy’ way and send you surprising letters, how may I?. I can’t ask you for it before just deciding to send you something, where is the surprise! lol.

Anyways, I felt like…those people I love need to be real, and part of being real for me is to have their addresses. Yeah, I know you shouldn’t trust anyone with your address. Yet, if we are real friends, you would.

Anyways, If you like this idea..add your address down there ^_^. And It’s okay if we are not already friends, your shared address will tell we can really be!. And for sure you might get a surprising letter from me in years.


3 thoughts on “The Address Book

    1. You were the first one ever to send a letter :))) [And also the first one to receive a letter from ]

      I love you more ^_^.

      *goes to read everything again ^_^*


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