AS Salam Alykum,

This post will just be a talk. I was sincerely talking to mum and analyzing how the world is going. And Our talk just took us in this. The culture that is killing our present.

Mum, they are always afraid. They would not treat someone that good, because he would treat them bad in future. They would save all the money they have, because they are afraid not to have money in future. Not saving it for a year or two, but for lifetime. They wouldn’t help a man in need for all their saved money who would die now, because what if they needed this money later?. While in present someone else is already needing.

Just like when I feel like giving away all the money I have, Shitan just come and tell, this is not wise. Oo oo..why?. Well? Don’t you fear that day when you need money?. For what?..oh, just to save it again lol.

They are afraid of the guy they will marry, so they make sure he pays a lot. They afraid not to find work, so they join a field they never loved or had passion for.

They are afraid not to marry, so they agree to marry someone they never dreamt for. They afraid to be alone, so they just be with fake people all the time.

They tell the girl even if she is into home staying more, to go for work even it was hard, because you know, your husband may leave you one day with a divorce or death. They don’t act kind with people, because you know, anyways people are not nice in future.

Oh, they are losing a lot of the present out of fear?!.

But I don’t want to be like that, mum.

I won’t be saving for fear, living for fear or waiting for fear or be driven by fear.

I understand that I should always look forward to have great plans. Yet, it would be moving with wisdom and hope not fear. And if I was to fear anything, I would fear the real life, after death. And this would just make me live each moment by its own right way.


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