Since I was young, I had the passion to know different people, knowing them by heart. I always wanted to know more, but not more in quantity, but in diversity. Getting to feel someone by heart newly, is seriously one of the best fuel for my passions.

Ummrah and Haj were the best way to enrich this passion. As I tried to show in this post (Sense of Ummah). Yet, when I grew up, I became more selective in what really satisfy this passion. I don’t just want to know more people, but I want to know people with good hearts, alert hearts. I am more interested in knowing Muslims, than anyone else. If I could know the 1.9 billion Muslims around the world, I would really be super happy. One of my dreams, that one day if I was allowed to be within people of heaven, I would just know them all!. It’s funny that although I got this passion, I am not an extrovert as it might sound.

Anyways, a way to satisfy this passion was getting to know different people  -girls mostly- online. I was really blessed to always meet the best people. My mum didn’t like that, as most parents guess that you may meet bad people or pass some limits like knowing guys or whatever. So out of being protective, she seriously asked me to stop it. And I tried to stop seeking it as well, as I know that generally she is right. Yet, I believe I was blessed to run into awesome people even without searching. My mum changed her opinion after knowing about one of them (the first one) and trusted me fully after that ^_^.

In this blog post, I will tell about the top 3 friends I knew online. When we were younger, knowing someone online, would keep him online. Things changed. And you get to meet many of those you knew online. Yet, those 3 friends, I never met face to face. Yet, It’s in the top of my dreams-list to meet them. Why them especially? The 3 of them are seriously near to my heart, and influenced me a lot and they are not Arabians and good Muslimahs.

May be, It is a way to tell them I truly love them. May be, It is a way to tell you how you could have known good people online unlike the people you knew. May be, to tell you that just Muslims are full of diversity and they are everywhere. And may be, to give you this sense of Ummah. As when I am talking to them, I just feel it. Let’s start.

Merve Izin

That beautiful girl from Ankara, Turkey.

In 2010, I went to Turkey. Then after this trip, I was trying to learn Turkish. I started to know Turkish girls who would help me in practicing. I knew couple of Turkish girls. Turkish girls speak Turkish most, their English is generally not that good (at 2010). Most of them were not religion-oriented. They were all kindhearted like most of Turks, so you feel like they follow religion out of tradition and their innate love for religion. Yet, they were not deeply following some religious stuff like hijab. It was not possible to go in deep talks about religion. Yet, there is no need to generalize, as this is just what I ran into.

Then one day, I had a little chat with Merve. I can’t remember details, It might be at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011. She was trying to learn Arabic and I was trying to learn Turkish. It was on Islamic chat of ICQ (YEAH, I WAS THAT WEIRD, I stopped as following my mum’s order though after short time). I was impressed by her good English. As explained in the past paragraph, this was really rare. Also, She was seriously intellectual in an awesome way for me. It was interesting how religious she was as well, although she is from Ankara, which is more into secularism. We left ICQ, and started to talk through out MSN. The language exchange thing failed. We tried it just once and internet wasn’t that good with voice chat I guess. Then we were busy with our schedules. I can’t remember exactly.

Yet, a real good friend was there instead. We shared a lot of good talk, secrets, advice and dreams. Merve is older than me by 3 years. So in last 5/6 years, I saw her ending university studies, going to Aman to learn Arabic, going to UK for studies and doing her masters finally. She is really the most ambitious and work-in-silence girl I know. The idea of that she speaks Arabic better than me now is amazing. I remember her experience in UK and telling me about how Muslims are there when I was wondering, and knowing from her a lot about Turkey as well. I love her Hijab a lot too. I love how she is just smart, religious and girly. I can’t tell about how many topics and dreams we shared, as this is somehow private. But I remember we promised each other, that at age of 73, we would go to Haj together. And last year, we promised we would try to attend each other wedding party one day, lol. I seriously wish to meet her, even when I went to Turkey again last year, I tried. Yet, as she is in Ankara. It was hard.

Anyways, What made our relationship seriously special, was that it turned to the real world. No, we didn’t meet, but my sister did! In the end of 2011, My sister was an intern at Hacetteple University in Ankara. It was her first time to travel alone for long time. When I told merve that Amira (my sister) was going, she was very welcoming to meet her and help. When Amira went there, they had a lot of good time together. Merve’s family were very welcoming as well, Amira kept telling me daily how awesome they were with her. Merve’s mum and her delicious dishes. Merve’s sister was very welcoming too, and Merve’s dad and how kind he is. He spoke Arabic! I used to enjoy Amira’s talks about Mever and seeing their photos together, sure, wishing I was there. That’s why Merve changed my mum perspective about knowing muslimahs online, as now she know how awesome they can be. Not just awesome, she was perfect. I mean, sometimes I wonder if it was she who was coming to Alexandria by then, would my mum allow me to welcome her at our home just like she did with Amira?..My mum now would do that, but because of Merve! Such a generous home.

When Amira was coming Back, Merve gave her a gift for me ^_^, that Turkish scarf, perfume and the most beautiful at all, butterfly necklace, as she knew I love butterflies. Yet, the best gift she really gave to me was taking care of Amira over there, and helping me to feel less worried about how she is over there without me.

Merve’s dad gifted Amira a book, Akklmat for Annursi, in Arabic. This book just reminds me of how awesome this family is, and how much I would have lost, if I didn’t knew Merve. Such an international relationship, heart-to-heart. I love her dad a lot, even though I never met because of this book. This year, I decided to read the book. It is always funny how I envy that Amira is the one that received the book and the one who met Merve, although she was my friend in the first place (envy in a good way). I asked Amira last month, if it is possible to consider this book as mine. She asked me about what would that change? ..I told her simply, I will feel more precious  and happy to have something from Merve’s dad, plus I would take it to my future house, and to tell my kids it is mine. Amira was super nice to how childish I was, and told me it’s yours then.

This month, I watched documentaries about Annursi, so I would know him before reading his book. I became attached to him a lot and his story. Then today, I started the book finally, after 4 years of having it. And somehow, As I was chatting another friend just before it too. I started to think about these kind of friendships and was inspired to write this post.

Anyways, This was Merve, yet, she is a lot more than that. Alhamdu lAllah for having a chance to know good people like her, just for the sake of him. Thank you, Merve for being part of my life. Hopefully, we will meet before the age of 73.

Next time from the Netherlands!


2 thoughts on “Sense Of Ummah: Merve Izin

  1. My dear Nuha 🙂

    It just made me so happy and filled my eyes with tears. I feel so grateful to have you in my life. Hope we’ll make it to Hajj when we’re in our 70ties!

    I love you 🙂

    ps: I told my father how you like the book he gave. He was genuinely happy to know that ^^


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