And now with the last girl of the three. Although, we don’t have the chance to know each other more enough, she was one of my top influencers. I don’t know if she knows that. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to check this:  Sense Of Ummah.

Adrena Jalen

Adrena Jalen, or Andy Jav from Islamabad, Pakistan. How did we get to know each other?

Well, long time ago, I started blogging at (There is no need to check, as it is closed now). At the beginning of my blogging, my followers were always known in the beginning. They are either someone I know in person, or a blogger I was following already, or someone knew me through someone. It was somehow a closed group. I always thought that only people who knew me, would read that blog out of curiosity about what I do think about, may be. I never felt as a writer in the beginning, I knew I was playing, so I never thought someone would really be interested in what I write.

In WordPress Dashboard, It tells you how many views you got and from where your viewers are. I started to notice that I got someone from Pakistan, who is viewing a lot of pages. It was interesting, yet mysterious a little, as I don’t know who is there (currently, the whole dashboard is mysterious never get who is reading for you). Anyways, I remember that one day, when I got a comment on ABOUT ME page!

Screenshot from 2016-02-04 18-16-32

Okay! This was seriously mysterious in the beginning. I got this sudden comment from a  total stranger for the first time on my blog. I didn’t know if Andy, was a guy or a girl where he/she is from or anything. I noticed from the dashboard, that the Pakistani views were there on that day. So I knew that was her/him. Yet, I got no idea about whose comment this is, and it left me curious.

Days passed, and Andy didn’t like or comment again. Yet, my views from Pakistan is increasing. It was as if my post is shared for Pakistani guys. That day, I decided to stalk Andy Jav. I searched for this name on Facebook, and I felt stupid while doing so. How will I know that this profile is him/her, without knowing any other information. Luckily, or Surprisingly, The last post shared in the first profile I found was a post from my blog! This was so touching for me. Anyways, I kept stalking this profile whenever I get views from Pakistan, to see if she/he shared the post with caption and to read the caption. I felt seriously weird.

Then finally, Andy decided to create her own blog, or to start following me with a WordPress blog. I remember with that notification, I started to put all my stalking powers on her blog posts. I knew a lot about her through. She is a girl near my age, from Islamabad, she attends Medical school, she is ambitious, she is connected to her field by heart. Her English is beautiful, she is inspiring. She is a girl before all. We used to read for each other. She likes 90% of what I write. The most loyal follower I ever knew.

I decided to tell her that I am interested to know her more. We added each other and started to talk. The way she appreciates everything, started to appear at Facebook too. Adrena doesn’t go online often, but when she does, she likes everything I wrote or shared on Facebook. I always have those days of 10+ notifications from just her. I remember one day, she liked an Arabic post on Facebook. I asked her that day, if she knows Arabic. She said she uses google translate with my posts. It was lovely how she seriously go through my every shared thing and show that she appreciate it.

She was there, when I turned off CreativityTalent. I lost many readers when I closed CT, either because of the URL change, or because of graduation, as most of my readers were my colleges (I guess).  I was passing by lack of trust of what I write and feeling incapable of blogging again. At this time, Adrena was really a great influence. She was my top reader who always reminded me of her first comment about that may be what I write inspires others. I always wait her return to go online and read my everything and tell me how it inspired ^_^.

As she doesn’t go online a lot, our talks were few. She is the only girl I know from Pakistan, she is smart, ambitious and nice. She tells me about her dreams in her field, what she does and Pakistan and how things are there. She is that type of relationship, you have in your heart even without any talks. I always remember her in my prayers. I remember that day she told me about her decision to wear Hijab finally, I was seriously happy as if she is the nearest friend.

When I started blogging in Arabic, I was sad that I won’t be writing for her. As whenever I wrote anything, I knew she was going to read and appreciate. She can’t translate a big blog post by google translate and get it right. Somehow this is what happened, I missed her reading for my own posts. May be, that’s why I felt like I must write anything in English for her. Luckily, It was about her.

I don’t think I was going to be a blogger right now, without her appreciation.

Love you, Andy! 🙂

I hope you reached this post alone ^_^.


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