“Every vessel, every container, will only pour out what is contained in it, and that’s very obvious. And so, your tongue, is your ability to express what lies in your spirit. Television, movies, the friends you hang out with, the music you listen to, everything around you is environmental forces that shape how your being is and how your heart is, and when you open your mouth to speak, it’s like your heart is a sponge that absorbs all of this materials from around you.

Essentially, what you’re doing is squeezing what is in you, and what comes out is going to be what has been compiled in your mind and in your memory.

Obviously you can only express in your heart what has been placed in it.

And so in order for the outcome and the output from the tongue to be positive, the input in that needs to be positive

in spirit …
in silence …

in talking, and throughout our lives”

~Shaykh Abdullah Adhami

That’s how everything started. When I was younger, I knew I was filled with mistakes, with wrong concepts and desires. I knew that there is no way to get rid of this fast, or by an easy way.

You know, if a vessel contains something bad, and its is not possible to move the vessel, so you can’t just empty or exchange it. You start to pour water in that vessel, yet you need to really pour a lot of water and in a continuous way, so you may help this vessel to exchange what It has. Yet, if you got a really unclean vessel, whatever how much water you pour, you will still have  residue within. Imagine the vessel was a cup filled with Coffee, how would you clean it from the residue by just pouring a lot of water. In our normal materialistic vessel cleaning, sometimes you need to boil the water, you may need extra detergents as well.

Sometimes, no mater or how long you try to clean the vessel, it will always have coffee within. Even if just a taste or a smell. You try to pour more water always, discover new ways to clean without being fully controlling. It is a hard mission, yet you can’t lose the vessel, just because one day it was filled by coffee.

Actually, This is exactly how I used to see it as a 16-years old girl. I stopped TV, I stopped a lot of coffee sources. Yet, I knew I am in trouble, deep trouble. As stopping the source, didn’t clean the vessel. I started to try to surround myself with all water that I found around. The daily recitation for Qur’an was the best. Getting to know scholars, people with good tongues, knowing Muslims figures who are struggling to be good. Things might not be perfect from the beginning, yet the sources worked on cleaning the vessel.

This quote I quoted above was actually from a song for Outlandish. Out of being perfectionist, you might be against that I was moved by Outlandish. Yet, they were part of the Muslims’ surrounding for me, and no matter how I changed from the beginning and actually stopped listening to their songs. I still see and know the good in them. In the beginning, That’s what I cared most for, being surrounded by people who are just not coffee, who would fill my vessel and won’t make my heart, sorry I meant the vessel, misses containing coffee.

The more we grow up, the more we care about not just the right way, but the rightest way. Just like when we were kids, we used to draw, play, read, do whatever freely. but now, we feel limited by our dreams, fields. So if you drew something beautiful, someone will ask you if you were a Graphic designer?. Well, as kids we didn’t have to follow the perfect path. We just filled the vessel naturally. This doesn’t make how we want things perfect today wrong, yet, It just reminds you that knowing how you want things perfect today, doesn’t mean that your imperfect past was wrong.

This post is written as a decision to review my old posts of CreativityTalent blog to re-publish its concepts. One of my oldest posts was just the quote above, I used to listen to this part of the song multiple times, wishing that one day, my vessel would be clean. I believe It is cleaner today, It makes me sad that I still got a lot of coffee, yet I reached more than I could imagine when I was there. It was posted at September 18, 2010, long time ago. I never thought things would change this fast. Yet, the main concepts are still there. Sometimes, when I feel screwed, I just return to the main concepts of how I should clean my vessel, and it works like every time it worked before to get me back to the track of cleaning the vessel. Let’s hope one day, I would feel fully satisfied of reaching the clean vessel state, the sound vessel, oh this time I meant, sound heart.

A sound heart doesn’t just sound as a clean vessel, it sounds as a vessel that spreads goodness. May be, it is a vessel with plants, plants that are alive and happy. Something as simple as this photo:


May be, It is more green than this, and more alive. But at least, I know it wouldn’t be a just clean empty vessel. It is a sound vessel. It is what is created for.

So how is your vessel?


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