Selamun Alykum,

One of my recent habits is to check my old blog and re-read it. When I do this, I just feel like I am getting advice from that person who knows how it is internally. Today, I ran across a post written exactly 3 years ago. So back to past, here it is (fixed a little):

As Salam Alykum  ^_^!

One of the unique stuff in my life is the inspiring people whom I consider AWESOME! Somehow, they are popular and known, but not among people around me. For example: Hamza Yusuf.

So whenever I am listening to any of my inspiring awesome people. I wonder about this Question : “who from the people I know is as awesome as they, and I am not appreciating him, or not knowing his future?”.

This point of view, I believe it makes me special to many people. As I don’t fake it. Really, when I am looking at you. I am wondering about how awesome you are and how awesome you can be.

As I am sure, someone like my inspiring people, their near people in Uni, in school, or anywhere,may be never realized how awesome are they and never appreciated and I am sure they lost a lot.

so I am trying not to repeat that mistake…

And what nice about people is that the more you appreciate them, the more they impress you.

So It is not just like: I appreciated somehow who is awesome. It is like may be this appreciation was the reason behind  discovering his awesomeness and making him/her wants to really do it .

This semester , I am awesomely impressed by how awesome are people…

I was in a silent mode recently , so many people don’t know what is really going on in that little brain. But one of the most things I was wondering about recently is how awesome are those people around.

and the more I think about this, they start to treat me as a good person back. This treatment made me go in a silent mode more. As I got a problem, that I feel as a bad awful person recently. So when people tell me : ”you are good in this” ..I am like ..” oh they don’t know :(” ..I try to hide it, how bad I disappoint myself ..specially in comparison to the thoughts some people got about me and  I try to change in a silence mode. I hope it works :D. I feel I am in a recovery semester :D.

What I wanted to say is this silent mode , I could discover new people more , as I am no more busy with the words I much as the words they say..and focus on what they intend “good intention” ..more than their mistakes..start to feel the empathy ..start to feel how they would feel, if they know you think by a negative way about them..then imagine if you thought by the positive ways..

You start to see your mistakes more than their mistakes to discover that they are generous actually , to still have this look in their eyes that is full of love even though everything you might have done before.

Just try it, think about everyone around ..and how as a”Person”..He -specially- is awesome. Stop thinking about them as the “other group of people”. They are just like you ..”I” ..They got a soul/thoughts/intentions/reasons/perceptions/dreams/fears/feelings.. 🙂 this is the end of the post
May be , some of you is wondering if I am back to blogging , and No I am not ..just it was an exception for a friend’s request…why no ? I said this is  a recovery semester and I need to focus on ideas of people more than mine and apparently I am still alive ..still happy 😛 🙂 , doing stuff ..joined a new volunteering organization ..+ Ensan for sure ..:) I am still studying and enjoying engineering , struggling in tajwid as it got harder stuff this level..less connected to people..more silent ..less internet ..I wake up earlier 1 am , 2 am sometimes , midterm’s next week ..planning for new dreams , having new concepts due to books I am reading ..oh yeah everything is great 😀 Thank you – everyone- who asked about me, and for people who didn’t gave up on the blog , as the stats say that I still got daily readers , although I wonder who ..but thank you 😀

Life is awesome, when you listen to people more.

hope you are all still doing great 🙂 and hope you loved the surprising post 😛


End of post, written at 13 March 2013. It was interesting to know how I was by then.


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