I started blogging at 2010 and It changed my life, somehow.

Blogging educates to express myself and talk about my thoughts more. In the beginning I had almost 0 followers. I used to write freely, as if it was a diary. About this thing I learned in this class, about how I feel in the morning, how today was a good day or bad..my worries, my hopes, how I changed, how is my tajwid class, my engineering life, Ensan…I even had a post about how I love maghrib prayer!

But after 4 years in 2014, I knew how I am not a teenager anymore to share everything and this is not a personal diary to write in public about everything…so I stopped and I deleted the blog.

Yet, through those 4 years, the way I wrote stuff changed me a lot in a very positive way. It educated me to have letters to future.

I didn’t use to have a diary or write before blogging. I don’t love writing and I don’t consider myself a writer, even though some watchers won’t get this idea. So blogging was my first time to document my thoughts. I learned to document my thoughts.

When I created this new blog after closing the other now, I turned it into a very serious one more so I don’t document here anymore. But I learned to write for myself a lot, in Evernote, a notebook or anything available to be private.

So whenever It is possible, just write down how you feel, how you think, what you are expecting..


well, many reasons. The first reason I learned from blogging was to see how things change! And also, how everything is possible.

Sometimes I read an old blog post about how I am very sad about being bad at something, then I look at myself today and I see that I am good at today. Sometimes, writing something helps you to take steps as well. The idea of that I want to volunteer started with a blog post. The idea of that I want to eat healthy started with a note I wrote for myself.

It educated me to learn about expectations and reality as well. Sometimes, I read notes I wrote while I was in some hardships, and I was feeling that if this happened, this and this will happen and things will be bad and and..lol..then today I know none of these worries were true.

And sometimes, it educates you how prayers come true and how to have the right attitude!. At the beginning of this year, I had a praying-list, with a top wish that I wanted to happen and I promised myself, that if this thing happened I will be the happiest person ever! Then It happened!

I found myself seeing the old note and feeling that, okay..I have to be the happiest person ever!

Before, I would wish something then I forget that I wished that..and I might not appreciate it when it happens or to feel I don’t want it!..but now writing it..things feel more blessing.

It helps to prepare yourself for future. So let’s assume I wanted to be a mum, I would write letters like mummy’s letters I wrote here but more compassionate, so one day when I am a mum, this would be the best reminder. Many mums out there who are not happy of being mothers because of the load, the pressure, whatever they are passing by..need to remember how they wished this in the first place!

I love to write in letter form more, without the formal way..but I mean in the feeling of that I am talking to someone else just like this post (we need to talk).

As I stated this habit long time ago, how I talk to myself really upgraded like in the mentioned post.  I ran into a letter I wrote to myself a month ago, I was telling myself, you will read this month after and you will see how Allah would give you whats better than what you have lost!..and subhan Allah, she was right..wait, she is me!

I believe every person got a key. A key to encourage, to get him excited, to get him happy again after being sad, to calm down..simply a key to change how he feels and thinks. Few people know my real key…almost no one I know. So the best thing of writing, is that I am talking with someone who knows my key!

You know when you are sad, and someone tries to make you happy so he starts saying stuff..and you feel that just leave me alone!..this is not how things are for me anyways!..and you start feeling that no one gets you!..etc?

yeah yeah..but when it’s myself who is talking, I feel just understood, so I learned to really have letters for myself future hardships or good moments..any special moment actually.

Like, when you are mum..do and don’t do..
When you feel like you want to do this sin, remember this and that!..
and for every occasion.

Sometimes I write to others too, like the future prince, the future kid, Allah, Prophets, Angels..I write to many..but I know it is all for me. As it is all just documenting how I see stuff, how I am expecting and how things turns out to really be.


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