Recently, I started to get more oriented with post-prayer Zikr. So instead of saying Assalam Alykum and run, I sit in tranquility saying some prayers. One of them is to say Subhan Allah 33 times, Alhamdu lAllah 33 times, then Allahu Akbr 34 and the 100 for taller zikr.

This Zikr gave my prayers a lot of depth. Anyways, after one of the prayers today while saying Alhamdu lAllah multiple of times, I asked myself what are you praising Allah for?. Far away from how the question might sound, it was in a very positive voice. Praising is both thanking and feeling the majesty of Allah. So I was pushing myself to realize what am I thankful to add meaning to my zikr. My brain replied fast “everything, dude”..yet as soon as I ended the 100..I didn’t leave the prayer space to think more about it.

This time, I noticed the air. There is air around?…

*Moment of Silence*

Air is always there, yet as it is always there I keep forgetting it is there. We notice air when it is not only air. Like a wind? a breeze..When it is colder than usual, hotter than we notice the air? or the condition?

I started to think about it for long time..

is air renewable? or it is all the same guy?

If it is the same guy, did air witness history? Oh!..what would it tell about history?

No wait, it is renewable..I guess.

I don’t know, but what about the old air, where is it now?

Air doesn’t die, right?

What if there is no air suddenly?..well, you saw a video of that room with no air and gravity before! Yeah Yeah..but I mean won’t we just die without air?

you mean oxygen?..whatever what you love to call it..I mean wouldn’t we be miserable without those things we get used to their existence?

Would we be even alive?

My thoughts were more than that, yet I guess you got the flow.

I wish this world had more appreciation and gratitude. Imagine how many people in our lives are just like air. Always there, essential, a bless yet we never realize there existence in an appreciative way.

..then suddenly, I started to feel, see that’s why we say Alhamdu lAllah. I guess believers are meant to be from those who appreciate. Yeah, we never get used to a bless, we praise the creator endlessly and feel blessed forever. Let’s hope we would live among believers who would never just get used to awesomeness and would always appreciate.

Thanks Air! 🙂

*I couldn’t find a featured image that would represent air, as we can’t see this actually.


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