I passed by a quote on Tumblr, that touched me:

“Do you love her?”
“How do you know?”
“Because nothing makes sense without her.”


I started to think about this a lot. I started to wonder if I ever felt a love like this or no?. I thought about nearly everyone I know, and the answer was no, not this one. Even mum. I love my mum a lot, I feel she is the most person I do love in my life. Yet, no, not even her. Many things make no sense without her. But not everything.

So, suddenly I was like, actually you know this kind of love.

You know, without Allah, death makes no sense neither life. I can fully say it, if I had atheist’s beliefs, suicide would really be logical. This world got no sense without Allah for me.

You know, even if I was the most successful person in people’s eyes, got all money, fame, people’s love, kids, best partner or partners if there is no God, ..I would just stop and think of “why”? What do I really get? I mean, people before died, I will die, so whats the point of struggling to be just happy even if it wasn’t for Allah?

I was actually analyzing my life recently, and I noticed that I am happier than earlier. I had a lot of joy in my life before, but this general “happiness” increased lately, even with less joy. So I was trying to really analyze how did this happen, to try to keep this level even if I won’t get higher.

So I discovered that It is simply because I started to connect more of my daily actions to Allah. Like before 10 years, only praying, fasting, Quran, any clear direct religious acts were connected to Allah. yet through the last 10 years, I learned how all the rest of my actions are connected to Allah as well. So when I am sleeping, I feel I am  doing something religious, when I wake up in the right time, I feel I am doing something religious. When I eat a good healthy meal, I feel thankful and connected to Allah. When I don’t eat, I feel I am not eating as a religious act as well. same to studies, to friends, to family…

Till I reached this point of knowing how any of these didn’t make sense before when it wasn’t for Allah. For Allah is not the best expression, as all the benefits are for me. May be with Allah? I don’t know. But I am sure that this quote is about Allah, only!




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