“After the trial, Rachel “was fight fighting with bitterness and hurt at the same time,” she recalled. “I was crying, and a coworker said, “I understand about your son.” And I said, ‘I wasn’t crying for my son. I was crying for Timothy.’ She said ‘What? You crying for that boy who killed your son?’ I said ‘Yea. I don’t know why.’

This just took my heart, and I finally felt little empathy of how/why this world hurts me most of the time. It is not death that hurts me, it is not tragedy, it is not any of what most people cry for. I tell many times, I got unanswered questions. People guess all questions but the real questions annoying me.

In the last paragraph, I finally found Rachel knowing how it is for us. I know she said “I don’t know why.”. Yet, I know why. I am grateful for finally meeting those words!

This was a real story told in Walk in their shoes written by Jim Ziolkowski. This book is just awesome!





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