I wasn’t born as a reader, yet I chose to be a one. When I was sixteen, even though I didn’t have reading passion, I decided to be a reader. Many people tries to go for their passion in their life, unlike them I try to create that passion even if it would take years.

After 8 years, I didn’t just have passion for reading, it is a lot more than that. Books became somehow the best talk I may have with myself, the best mind expansion and the best company. Reading changed my personality and my life a lot. Through this series I will just tell stories about how reading did all of that.

In order to just give a little hint about how it turned out to be. I took this very random photo while blogging this post (without changning anyting from reality) for how it looks on my bed.


I always have books beside me anywhere now. Mostly, those books I am currently reading. Sometimes I read when I am having a headache from work, when I miss them, when I am trying to sleep, when I have insomnia, when I wake up earlier than planned, when I need someone to hug me, to tell me about the world..simply one of the most beautiful things in life. I am not sure about calling books “things”..They are nearer to secret souls.

So this post was just a kickstarter.


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