Mummy’s Letters: Determination

Salāmun ʿalaykum :)! Today I am telling you about my personal trait, Determination. Since I was young, it was pretty clear I am determinate about nearly everything. It wasn't always positive, yet it is a trait that I truly enjoy having alhamdu lAllah. I guess my family was the main reason behind this. Whenever I … Continue reading Mummy’s Letters: Determination


Mummy’s Letters: Empathy

Salāmun ʿalaykum :)! Did I tell you how much I am bad in writing letters?. I usually start it with the-salam, after starting with the name of Allah. Then I feel like I want to make sure you are well. It annoys me that I can't get how you are back while writing. Then when … Continue reading Mummy’s Letters: Empathy